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Originally Posted by RCE1 View Post
That's interesting about the tight necks. I wonder how many gunsmiths were making MANN chambers and in what time frame was this considered competitive. Modern day bench rest shooters neck turn their brass, but none that I know of strive for zero clearance. I believe my friend would turn for about .0015-.002"release. He neck turned everything, from .17 to .45. Even his varmint loads. He was a true believer in the machined surface. All his reamers are tight necked.

All this being said, I think if he did fire this rifle it was decades ago and he would have been shooting cast bullets in it. Maybe in the 70s, but this gun is older than that, don't you think?
You can find a maker's name on the barrel, it is not possible to tell exactly how old the assembly is. The rifle's stock and overall appearance seem to belong to the post-WW2 era; the stock is marked where the later-type Lyman 48 receiver sight was once installed. It is interesting that the cocking piece appears to be the headless NM style of ca. 1929. It would also be interesting to know what sort of adjustable trigger is installed.
Your clear photo of the muzzle shows coppering on the top of the visible land, so jacketed bullets were shot in it, whether cast ones were or not.
FWIW, my understanding of the Mann neck is that it was always an experimenter's tool, and never had any serious competitive application.
You are correct that modern BR practice does not include a super-tight neck, and you may well believe that, if it offered any slight advantage, the BR world would have adopted it.
I have made and chambered a number of barrels with tighter-than-standard necks, and always engraved them with the actual neck diameter and the warning that they are 'Not For Factory Cartridge' - but I have never made a true Mann-style chambering, as no one ever asked for one.

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