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I once owned WRA knows, but I never tried to restore it and it sat for years as a nice desk ornament. DHM is absolutely correct in his statement concerning assembly in numerical order. Was down visiting CMP South 8-10 years ago, and I was talking to Floyd and asked him a question concerning early WRA trigger housings. He then walked over 5 feet to his right to a filing cabinet with about 10 narrow draws. Pulled one open and it was completely full of original early and late WRA complete groups. Then another draw with complete early and late WRA rear sights complete including spanner nut and checkered. A couple more and I was convinced he had squirreled away just about every rare part they found. As to the Auction WRA.....I am completely convinced that rifle was found basically original with a couple parts added and then the stock. Original Education Order would be worth more than a similar condition mid-late GT. IMHO of course. I guess it hits north of 8K. C
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