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Old 01-20-2023, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by moose View Post
I agree, particularly when new, the seatbelt sling can be a little slick.. but I have been able to use them successfully, and they are by far the easiest slings to adjust.

Still they got it right with that course weave sling. It is the best of both worlds.

Silent slings? well I got one on my M590A1... and the long patrol silent sling on my M4. Otherwise, who thought these were a good idea.

I keep the Garand, the M14, and my M16A1 in seat belt slings. And my two M16A2 rifles in the course weave nylon.

More info about GI slings then you could ever want to know.
The silent slings are simple carry straps and offer little if any utility as a shooting aid. They are in fact silent whereas the M1 web slings made of any material can be problematic relative to noise in a tactical situation. Taping the hardware can be helpful but that isn’t a great solution.

I have never found any “seat belt” sling to be desirable as a shooting aid even if it was worn. I have to cinch the darn things down very hard on my arm to eliminate slippage. The cotton or course weave web slings are much better. You are right that the course weave slings are the best overall slings.
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Old 01-24-2023, 07:26 AM
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The ones from the CMP are ok; the only issue I have had is the corners are sharp in the stamped lower buckle so it can fray the sling. However, this is easily fixed by rounding of those corners, I use a deburring tool for this.
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