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Old 11-11-2021, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by GarandThumb21 View Post
I am at 7 lbs 9.7 oz with my Windham govt profile A4 upper and my RRA lower, according to my digital postal scale. I have a RRA chrome BCG. The RRA lower has the standard A2 stock and grip. Without more extreme measures such as swapping out the buffer tube etc, I could acquire a lighter BCG, or possibly remove the nuts on my A4 carrying handle in order to make weight. Any practical experience with the latter?
I started with an A2 iron sight rifle, standard handguards, that was fully in compliance with MM rules. Rules changed to allow scopes, so with some work I was able to make the new weight with the scope. Age & eyes made using the scope a no-brainer.

The latest rules change, allowing free-float but dropping the weight to 7.5 was challenging to meet with my current set up and a lightweight free float tube. One of the simplest things I did was remove those huge steel knobs from the carry handle and replace them with small nylock nuts. the bolt ends stuck out, but I covered those with the little vinyl protectors one can find at the hardware store. This has passed muster at several CMP games events and Perry as well. Guess I could have saved more weight with a lighter BCG, but that costs just a little more than a couple nylocks. ;-)
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