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Old 12-04-2020, 12:07 PM
AManWearingAHat AManWearingAHat is offline
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Default Shooting Coat Question

I am planning on making my first trip to the national matches next year, provided they happen with all this COVID business.

I had a question regarding shooting coats. Would I be able to use my Anschutz leather shooting coat I use for small bore rifle for events such as the Garand match, carbine match, vintage, etc.

The rules as I interpret them seem to allow it but I see most people using the coats with buckle style closures. Would I be better off purchasing one of these and practicing these events in it instead?

Thank you very much
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Old 12-04-2020, 07:42 PM
Louisxllx Louisxllx is offline
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I've seen many people shoot High Power with ISU jackets. I even lent out one of mine for about a year until they found a nice High Power jacket at a great price.

One thing comes to mind: shooting M1s and 03s is easier (for me, at least) with firm grip stick-em. That stuff on an ISU jacket in an ISU Match is a no-go. I'm not sure about NRA Small Bore.
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