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Old 07-31-2021, 03:37 PM
semperbee semperbee is offline
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Default M3 combo tool help

Can anyone indentify the manufacturer of this M3 combination tool? I've looked online and found info on the M3A1 tool but nothing on the M3s. The only marking is C-64167.

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Old 07-31-2021, 04:33 PM
Quarterbore Quarterbore is offline
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I donít think anyone can say for sure. Bill Rica was/is an expert on these and in his writings I never saw him say one way or the other.

Yours with the part number is an early example and likely dates to gas trap period and at latest pre-WW2. It was made by Springfield or Winchester but if I was to guess itís more likely Springfield but thatís my guess and I canít support that guess.
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Old 08-02-2021, 05:06 PM
Twinson Twinson is offline
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I would say SA also.
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Old 08-10-2021, 09:26 AM
cccmp cccmp is offline
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Not that my study is scientific or with merit based upon the small sample that I have examined or owned but your example based upon what I've seen leads me to believe it may have been made by WRA. We know the numbered/early variants were made by SA, WRA (or provided by), and AR as a minimum. Your tool does not match the characteristics of early SA so I suspect a different maker. AR made tools use a different font so they can be ruled out, so that leads me to believe that your milled tool is made/provided by WRA as part of their contract IMHO for what its worth.
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