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Old 05-27-2021, 09:07 PM
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Originally Posted by HC-7 View Post
Jim, again you are incorrect.....While I was at Sarco in Easton Pa., I discovered a Citadel 30-06 with a misplaced gas port....I called them out on it, and they marked it down to $ 100....Does this mean you don't want my reject barrel....Such a good deal....Happy Memorial Day....regards....alex
So you pointed out to Sarco a product defect. They agreed and marked the product down (and I presume identified why that barrel was $100 less than the others). Seems like a good business decision to me. As you disagree what would you suggest?

Ever been in one of the CMP stores; they often have items that are known to be defective, priced as such and people, like me, buy them.
Century used to sell a lot of "u-fix-ems", Sarco generally advertises parts that are somehow not in spec and Dupage has made a crapton from me off their handyman page; and people buy them knowing the faults. Shortened 1903 bar stool stocks, mis-machined 1911 slides, rusty barrels
If they were to destroy and discard them just as many people would complain.......


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Old 05-28-2021, 05:54 AM
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I paid full retail price, at the time it was $175....Made an 1.5 hour to show them the defect....Manager and g/s had a huddle....told them I wanted a refund....they said no, we will fix on my return visit....2 weeks later I was back with the mounting pads turned back.....I was not a happy camper....Only when I got home and checked my Columbus Machine op rod did I discovered it was rebent.....It was on my third visit I discovered the 30-06 barrel that was missed drilled....that barrel was marked down....they did not take it out of the bin.....In no way, were these barrels marked as defective.....Hope you all have a outstanding Memorial day.....regards....alex
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