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Old 11-29-2021, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Deppizzymo View Post
You may never want to sell, but your estate will someday potentially want to sell and when they post it, there will be a hoard of people saying "too bad it's refinished". I doubt you'll care much about that by then though
I think most might not know or care. I've found that most "people" prefer a garand with a new walnut stock because it looks pretty over one with USGI wood.
Go figure...

Originally Posted by markmcc View Post
What's the point in buying a rack grade only to refinsh it? Most people buy a rack grade because they do not want one refinished. I can understand it if it was the only grade available. Can you post a picture of it?
I don't think he bought a rack grade just to refinish it. That would not be economical.

Originally Posted by Quak View Post
No way on Gods green earth id do it. It would destroy a piece of history. Ill happily buy you a new colt and trade you even up.
How many 1911s are coming out of the CMP refinished? 90%?
I suppose all those have been destroyed too.

If he had a WWI or II rack grade with all correct parts and +/-50% original finish remaining and reparked it then you would destroy a piece of history.
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Old 11-29-2021, 05:00 PM
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I agree,,,itís yours do what makes you happy with your property.

I am getting one of the M1911ís because of what it is and where it might have been. Regardless of the grade or price it is a M1911 from the Military. To me it is a historical piece that I donít see me ever selling. I have been wanting one for about 40 years and now it is almost time.

To me it will be priceless!!!


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