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Old 04-23-2012, 09:27 PM
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Post About NM Collector Software

NM Collector Software is a desktop application written in Java using an embedded Derby database for data storage. It is designed to be run on any computer that has Java 6 (or greater) installed. Java 6 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a very stable platform that has been around for many years with no foreseeable end to its availability on these platforms.

Java is also available on the Android and Kindle platforms but this program won't run on those. However, NM Collector for the Android has been developed and has been released on the Android market and is in the process of being released to the Kindle market.

Since NM Collector Software is written in Java, it can be run directly off of a USB flash drive with no installation required. When run directly from a USB flash drive all data resides on the flash drive itself so it can be removed from the computer and taken with you to be run on any other computer - again - with no installation required. It can also be stored in a safe location.

It does run slower off of a USB flash drive so many people chose to run NM Collector Software off of their hard drive. In this case, it can still be easily copied to a USB flash drive for backup and for sharing with others.

Although NM Collector Software, with its foundation based squarely on NM Gun Collector Software, is great for gun collections, it can be used for any collection. Many pre-defined collection types are provided by default. All of these can be customized to individual needs and new collection types can be developed from scratch or by starting with a copy of an existing collection type that is close to the new collection type.

Many customizations are available including the ability to edit captions, automatic addition of values to drop down lists so they only have to be typed once and then reused, manual editing of drop down lists, and more. You can even change font types and colors to your own preferences!

Other features include unlimited pictures for each item, a view (Statistics) that shows all of your items in a spreadsheet format with sortable columns. Clicking on a row takes you back to the main interface for the item in that row. Summary values are displayed to show you how much your collection is worth and how much it has gone up in value over time!

Other views include Identification, Description, Receipt, Disposition, Events, Maintenance, Data Sheets, and more. Sample screen shots are included below. A complete set can be found in the online documentation.

Clay Pryor
nmCollector.net LLC

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