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Old 09-05-2021, 06:17 PM
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Default M1 release timing

I like many others do not have an M1 clip ejection timing gauge, and having only a dozen or so M1 rifles (all but one having had zero timing issues) never saw a real need for one... especially after finding the following post on Jouster many years ago, which coincidentally 'saved my bacon' on the rifle with timing issues.

[Attribution lost, but suspect Gus Fisher.... and may be wrong]

"Although manufacturing tolerances of the follower rod, follower arm, op-rod catch, and bullet guide all affect or influence release timing to some degree, the single greatest factor in release (of the op-rod catch) timing is the height of the fulcrum point on the bullet guide. If the fulcrum height is too great the op-rod catch will release before the clip reaches seating depth. If the fulcrum height is too low the clip will seat and lock, but the op-rod catch WON'T RELEASE (worst case). If you don't have a timing block, use enblocs with dummy rounds and cut about 3 inches from a bad op-rod spring so you're not fighting a high spring load - then you can observe the timing changes yourself by swapping bullet guides with different fulcrum heights. The bolt should release when the enbloc clears the bolt saddle at the receiver bridge (just as/after the clip latch engages the recess in the enbloc)."

Further reading about "Correcting M1 Timing and some function problems caused by improper Timing"

P.S. Segregate that spring and/or paint it a distinctive color to avoid aggravation in the future.
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