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Old 08-21-2022, 12:56 PM
levallois levallois is offline
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This really isn’t a modern sniper rifle. Supposedly, vintage means broadly over 20 years old or over 40 years old depending on the reference. FRF2s started service around 1985-1986 but were modified from rifles first manufactured in 1966 (FRF1). So all current FRF2s were originally made starting in 1966. These are over 40 years old, more Cold War era in the same time period as the M24 (1988-?) and the Dragonov (1963-?). That is why the French replaced them a few years back with SCARs. They should be in the Vintage category IMHO.

As far as sales? No one knows as Navy Arms isn’t sharing their sales data. Supposedly 1200 were purchased from the French Govt. You’re right that the crazy prices will suppress sales significantly.

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