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Old 05-14-2021, 12:19 PM
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Default 1911 Update - May 14, 2021

UPDATE MAY 14, 2021

1. Please do not email or call requesting your RGN (random generated number). We are working diligently to resolve the emails that bounce back as undeliverable. We will not respond to email and calls concerning unreceived RGNs. Just because you have not yet received your RGN does not mean you won’t be contacted if your packet is correct and complete. Customers may becontacted before they received their number. During the first round, some did not receive their number at all and still received their pistol. We know it is frustrating but please bear with us.

2. Please remember that just because you received an RGN, it does not mean you will receive a pistol. Until the packet is pulled, we have no way to know if it is complete and correct. If it is not, you will be notified of the issues.

3. Please remember that we process orders in sequential order, if you have a high RGN number it may be a year or more before you are contacted. There are numerous reasons why it may appear that we have skipped your number, but weassure you that unless there is a problem, we have not. If there is a problem, we will let you know.

4. If you have moved since you submitted your packet, please wait until contacted by the 1911 staff before sending any paperwork. At that time, our 1911 staff will instruct you what to do.

5. Do not send FFL information until told to do so by our 1911 staff.
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