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Old 06-19-2021, 05:49 PM
Miranthis Miranthis is offline
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Default KCI Gun Show Garand Report

Hit the local Gun Show at KCI Expo. Got a replacement rear handguard. Same seller had a bunch of M1 Garand parts and also M14, 1903 etc. I looked at every table. There were 2 loose Garand stocks, both with non-serif P w/o circle, and 3 full rifles. One of these was a claimed full 100% Winchester. LEOs had them all ziptied, but I could verify that all the stuff I could see was Winchester. Lock bar sight with rounded corners. Other two were springfield. One complete and one that has been a parts (needs a rear sight, bolt and some other small parts) Prices were "Gun show Average" so in and around $1K. Guy would probably deal.

One seller has a bunch of M2 Match, M2 AP and M2 Ball (boxes of mixed makers) AP was pricy ($25 for a en bloc), but the M2 Ball was slightly over a $1 a round, and the Match a little more than that.

Saw only 2 cartridge belts, both tan. Sellers had plenty of period cleaning fluids, LSA, Artic Oil, cleaning kits, oilers, web slings, and even a few combo tools. Also there was the usual assortment of manuals and such.

Its still an AR15/M16 world at the moment, but I had several Rear Handguards to choose from, and if I was in the market I could have bought ammo at relatively good prices (except for the guy selling ziploc baggies of HXP at 20 rounds for astronomical prices).

That is all I saw, among the beef jerky, metal work, t-shirt, MedKit, morale, and scentsy dealers.... The dealers said there was a good crowd with LOTS of lookers and not as much business.

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Old 06-19-2021, 07:06 PM
bob loughlin bob loughlin is offline
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About the same here in San Antonio at the last show . Fewer guns and a lot of Flea Market stuff . We lost our Saxet Show , Lease Ran Out , but Gus & Todd said they had some leads on a new location , I hope so . Good Luck on your hunt at future shows . Bob
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Old 06-21-2021, 07:23 PM
CadillacMike CadillacMike is offline
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I need to get to the next show down here...
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