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Old 01-24-2023, 09:08 PM
Craftsman Craftsman is offline
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Does either buyer or seller have a firearms insurance policy that might cover the loss/
I have a policy with Collectibles and they specifically cover my collection, including parts and accessories when mailed/shipped. If I ship with signature required I'm covered up to $25,000 with no deductible. If I mail/ship with no signature required including USPS first class, priority mail, parcel post, media mail, and others, they pay up to $200, again with no deductible.
I could see an argument for making a claim as either buyer or seller, as the item is kinda in limbo during shipping/transfer of ownership
Good luck!
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Old 01-24-2023, 10:57 PM
Gunner2010 Gunner2010 is offline
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USPS upped their insurance to $100 for free a few years ago for Priority Mail packages. I've always had the buyer file a claim so the check comes to them in their name. You can fill out a claim online, but I think that you do need a receipt.
Old 01-24-2023, 11:20 PM
X-ring Shooter X-ring Shooter is offline
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The purpose of this post wasn't to throw anybody under the bus. I was trying to figure out what was fair in this situation. I assumed it had occurred to others. My apologies to Jason if I came across this way. That is why I kept it vary vague.

I didn't reply to Jason's 10:58 am email this morning as I wanted others opinions. While I want to believe I'm right, I know that isn't always the case. People interpret responsibility differently when shipping items and I wanted to see how most forum members interpret it. I.e. - if damaged in transit, who's responsibility etc..... That is the reason for the delayed response (and I've been out most of the afternoon)

Finally - my conclusion (if you even care). If you buy anything of value that you can't afford to lose (whatever that $ may be to you), make sure you (or in this case - me) ensure that "shipped" price includes insurance. I assume it would have taken care of both parties in this instance with neither party feeling a loss.

Lesson learned....
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