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Old 05-10-2021, 04:56 PM
Chuckie Chuckie is offline
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Default Howdy - New member from Arizona (X-post question from welcome center)

Hello everybody! Hello from sunny Arizona! I hope you are all having a great day.

New to Garands, but a shooter for 35 years. First rifle I shot was my dad's M1 Carbine.

Got 3xRM1Service rifles this year from CMP. All Springfield Armory. Haven't inspected the WWII era ones much, I have the 4 million SN out for learning about the rifle. Maybe that's Korean War era or later.

I homeschool my kids, I'm saving the WWII era rifles to take out to the range when we cover WWII.

So far I've taken apart all but the bolt and trigger group and cleaned and greased it.

Wood wasn't in great shape, it had some shiny shellac like coating on it with a ton of scratches on it. It looked gross.

I seen the thread on a pitted receiver under the wood and mine is like that too. I'm not persnickety as long as I can shoot them.

I've heard one should never sand them down but this was a post war with pretty dinged up wood and metal, so I lightly sanded wood with #0000 steel wool, and 1200 grit sandpaper and gave each piece 4 coats of Minwax Tung Oil varnish (BLO and drying agents). It now has what could be called a "semi-gloss" or "satin" finish.

I supposed my question is, Would you have kept the scratched shellac as "history" for a shooter?

See it pictured. Can't wait to take it out to shoot.

Serials (SA).


The 4 million one is pictured.

Mysterious tally marks on front of stock indicating "5" of something.

Similar light to "before" picture. Handguard is lighter and newer wood apparently.

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Old 05-10-2021, 05:43 PM
T38Carbine T38Carbine is offline
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Welcome!! Stock looks good…what kind of barrel dates and measurements? Should be listed on the little hang tag from CMP.
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Old 05-10-2021, 06:09 PM
Steve-OH Steve-OH is offline
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Welcome. Nice job on the rifle. Looks great.
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Old 05-10-2021, 06:27 PM
Chuckie Chuckie is offline
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Serials (SA). Tag markings.

1,530,XXX MW 2+ TE 1+

1,998,XXX MW 1 TE 2

4,215,XXX MW 3 TE 3

I don't know about the WW2 era receivers but the 4 million SA receiver seems to have an HRA barrel with Muzzle Wear and Throat Erosion both 3. Crown looks slightly nicked.

Before getting the rifles, I had contemplated sending one to Tim Shuflin for his BM-59esque magazine and caliber conversion, but now I just don't have the heart to do that.

Below is the barrel marking.

On the stock very faintly is a serif P in a circle and a more prominent P in a square, both on the pistol grip. No other markings that I can see on the wood.

I can't stress how bad the wood looked. It was like an old school sporter rifle with shellac, but with a bunch of scratches crisscrossing it.

I haven't gotten to the wood on the WW2 era SAs (1943?), but they have more markings, flaming bomb IIRC. I'll post those by and by.

Kids were excited at the hash marks. I explained more or less how the rifle got here and we opened it together. In their minds it meant the rifle had 5 kills but it really could be anything.

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Old 05-10-2021, 07:41 PM
Rranut Rranut is offline
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Welcome and congratulations on the rifles.
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Old 05-10-2021, 08:54 PM
MajDave MajDave is offline
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I like what you did with the stock. You did very nice work on the stock. I would not have left the shellac type finish on the stock. Enjoy your pieces of history. Your kids might be right about the hash marks but we will never know for sure. The P in the square means the rifle was proof fired a second time when it was rebuilt.
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Old 05-11-2021, 04:00 PM
Chuckie Chuckie is offline
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Location: The Southwest
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Thanks for the warm welcome and the comments.

I got a Schuster gas plug because (WWII - slot) adjustable plug because Garand safe ammo is almost nonexistent these days and I have yet to learn the zen of reloading.

I know opinions abound all over the internet. I came across an interesting video that reasoned that M2 ball was nonexistent when the M1 Garand was developed and first issued and speculated that it was designed around M1 Ball which is heavier and hotter. Don't know about all that, but I am going to make an effort to find specific ammo and then I will venture out into the commercial ammo.

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Old 05-11-2021, 04:11 PM
ARB ARB is offline
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I would have cleaned up the stock too were it mine. Looks like you did a good job and just beware, Garands have a nasty tendency to multiply. Mine certainly did...
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Old 05-11-2021, 05:58 PM
rob30-06 rob30-06 is offline
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Hard to do much damage with 0000 steel wool and 1200 SP. Looks like you did a good job of cleaning it up and retaining the history.

Good job!
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Old 05-11-2021, 06:25 PM
a31b20 a31b20 is offline
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Default Looking good

Great improvement...welcome to the forum
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