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Old 12-05-2022, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by captaincalc View Post
The “… Everybody you meet… drinking …” thing paints a real good picture. You gonna copyright it? I could use it now and then…
The first person I heard say it was Lyndon Johnson. Not sure if it was original, but for the lack of profanity is sounds like him.
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Old 12-05-2022, 04:35 PM
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The flip sight was pretty bad.. there is a reason they went to the Adjustable ramp sight.

This hobby can be so backwards at time. Performance improving better late parts? Who wants those, we want the inferior originals. (Never mind is a sight that stinks,a mag catch that can't retain a 30, or a safety that gets confused with the freaking mag release)

"R. E. Sullivan, Colonel, USMC ('43/'67) (Ret.), Sun, 28 Nov 1999

The most unattractive feature of the M-1 Carbine as we had them in WW II and up through at least part of 1948 was the leaf type sight. There was no windage adjustment at all, and I've fired record on the range with those things, on say target 20, but had to hold in the left side of the bull on target 18. Then in '48 we got a modification that put a ramp type sight for elevation and an actual movable peep for lateral movement. Now those were worth taking to the dance."

I would put a GI adjustable ramp on it and move on, those are cheap and everywhere.
US Nylon Field gear 1967 to 2005
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Old 12-05-2022, 04:42 PM
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Join Date: Mar 2013
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Blasphemer! Infidel! Heretic! Iconoclast! Philistine! Burn him!
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