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Old 09-09-2020, 12:46 PM
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Pictures of Ultimak on an M1 Carbine. (I added the scout scope mount. This carbine was acquired with a Sear's aftermarket stock and had been converted to 5.7mm Johnson Spitfire. The front and rear sights had been removed and there was a side mounted scope mount.)

I've used a couple different red dots, prism sights and a long eye relief "scout scope." The LER scope was the best fit for the cartridge.

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Old 09-10-2020, 03:20 PM
tomky tomky is offline
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Default I have tried an Ultimac

I put one on one of my carbines and it was stable and easy to install. I took it off, I just did not take the time to get used to it. It was heavy. I will try it again sometime soon, though.
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Old 09-10-2020, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Ironsight01 View Post
You may want a spare inexpensive stock as I had to modify the M2 birch stock in the forward barrel channel for clearance that stock was not valuable and I used an aimpoint pro with the riser removed for a low mount that's very solid. It's a real game changer for an HD carbine.
+1 on the above, including creating a small relief area in the stock channel for where the rail attachment clamp / hex screws will be.

I love my Ultimak M1 Carbine, but wouldn't do that to a collectible stock.

These first two pics below are my Ultimak setups:


while these two are pics from someone else's install; good closeup pics showing the stock interference issue that would need to be rectified:


(With some care, far less wood needs to be removed than what that person did, FWIW.)

Hope this helps,
Kestrel4k feedback thread
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Old 11-21-2020, 08:24 PM
ARFrog ARFrog is offline
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I finally got back to this project of adding an Ultimak rail and red-dot reflexive sight to my IBM M1 carbine. I had to wait a few weeks for product availability and now report the following:

First, here is a link to some photos:


The product installs easily to the barrel. Personally, I did not have to do any modifications to the wood in the stock barrel channel. Note: the instructions state that "blue locktite" is not necessary. However, I found that after sighting in and shooting 30 rounds or so, the rail screws came loose and the rail started to shimmy.

I elected to put an A3T Tactical red-dot/reflexive sight along with a Viking Tactics LPM QD attachment on the Ultimak rail. Currently, I am planning to make a shorten version of the Viking Tactics MK1 sling and think I will have a QD attachment at the Ultimak rail and also at the sling cut with use of a Blue Force Gear Molded UWL:


coming off the oilier. I am still debating on if I will need to put a rubberized coating on the QDs, etc to reduce any stock maring.

The installed components do not greatly effect the balance of the rifle, which was comfortable to shoot.

I sighted the red-dot in with about 3 - 3 round groups at 25 yds using a range bag as a rest. I then shot a 7 round set with the results shown in the photos above. I adjusted one more time and then switched targets and shot another 13 round set to "prove the concept" of using a red dot with my "old eyes.".

My next step was to take it out to a 100 yard target and at this point things fell apart. I shot two strings of 3 or 4 rounds with the first one high and to the right and the second one quite literally all over the target. It was at this point that I noticed the Ultimak rail had become loose/wobbly and stopped shooting.

Once home I have put blue locktite on the screws and tighten everything back down. I will re-sight-in and try the 100 yd target again at my next range time.

Finally, the red-dot worked really well for me and my old eyes. I could see the dot and the target (with both eyes open) much easier than with just flip/iron sights. I did not notice a heat issue on the rail and except for the rail loosing up thought the experience was a good one. Regarding red-dots, the A3T sight gives a lot of visible area without interference from a more rounded can type sight. The only thing that I might like to try differently is to use a sight with the circle with the dot in the middle to bracket the target at distance - not sure if this would be a help or hindrance.

Bottom line is that I think with a little more effort and range time this change will be really effective for me. For me personally it will simplify distance shooting and may also be a better home defense option.

Disclaimer - to those purists who gag at the thought of changing an "as-issued" carbine, please be advised that all necessary changes needed by the Ultimak rail can be removed and returned to GI spec in mere minutes.

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Old 05-16-2021, 12:55 AM
ARFrog ARFrog is offline
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Update - the Ultimak rail and red-dot has been working fine.

I recently had the opportunity to pick up an inexpensive but nice Inland (IO) stock which I was going to use as an every day shooter stock to save wear and tear on my LW stock. Not having any previous experience with Inlands, I was surprised and disappointed to find out that later production Inland type 3 stocks were made with longer barrel channels, which then don't give room - by almost an inch - for the Ultimak hardware.

As the following link shows, this can be a problem for some Inlands and Winchesters. FYI.

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Old 05-17-2021, 09:43 PM
lucky52 lucky52 is online now
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I have had an Ultimak on my shooter carbine for 12 years and no problems.It has an Aimpoint M4 with a Larue quick disconnect mount.I can take it off and reinstall it with no loss of zero.I have a regular adjustable rear sight so I can shoot it either way.I like the Aimpoint because it uses a AA battery.This gun has a type 3 band and shoots about5" at 100 yds. with my old eyes.My spare carbine is an original Grand Rapids,flip sight, type 1 band.YMMV.
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