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Old 12-31-2014, 04:29 PM
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Default Review: KeepShooting.com M84 Repro scope

OK, I bought this scope when drmsparks was going to send me his to do an evaluation, so I figured, what the hell, I had a 20% discount coupon, I'll pick one up for $250 bucks.

The Good
This scope is 100% serviceable, unlike the other glued together Chinese repros I've encountered. I had it apart in 10 minutes, and thank god they decided not to repro the horrible sealant that clogs them up.

All the internal metal parts seem to be in spec with the original blueprints, are blued, and there is even one slight improvement: the use of a washer on the bottom of the turret springs, instead of the spring itself making contact with the reticle assembly.
Reticle assembly looks good, but the outer lock ring needs to be "spot" Loctited. It was loose, upon inspection, and will shoot completely loose and end up in the scope. Parts look good and like the originals, and definitely good for use as replacement parts.
The eye shade is nice, heavy rubber. The outer scope protective windows look coated, and are the thick glass flats they should be, not cheap, thin replacements.
ID Plate is closest I've seen to the originals. Letter fill is too white.

The Not So Good

The objective assembly lens lock ring was also loose, and the lens was flopping around. Explains why I immediately saw parallex and halo-ing when I first looked through it. I am assuming this is just an issue with my particular scope, not a general assembly issue.
The sunshade is not as long as the original, and has a very cheap retainer as compared to the original.
Eta: the sunshade is the correct size
Not a big deal
As expected, the turret covers are not as good and not the same shape as the originals, but I haven't seen a repro yet with covers that are as good as the original.
The finish on the turret base of the scope tube is a bit rough.
Turret knobs are a bit cheap. Plastic vs. Bakelite on the the originals.

The Ugly
The external scope finish is PAINTED black and scratches off with your fingernail. I don't really understand this as the internal parts are BLUED!!
Huh? OK.

My scopes objective lens already shows signs of delamination out of the box! Now, for me, this is minor issue as I have glass and it's a quick swap for me. But for you? It may mean sending the scope back for replacement.

See it in the upper right corner of this blurry picture:

I haven't finished yet, but my list of items to address will be:
1. Change the objective lens, and erector glass with higher quality glass I have.
2. Strip the tube, sunshade, and turret covers and black oxide them.
3. The scope does need some type of internal sealant, or vacuum grease. There is nothing to seal it, outside of some small spots of black silicone to hold things in place.
3. Letter fill the ID plate with the yellow/off white paint I have.

Recommendation: Definitely a GREAT buy at $250, and even better if you have a beat up old vintage M84 that needs internal parts. HERE THEY ARE.
SARCO is out of most parts, so this is an excellent alternative.
If you purchase the scope to use, it *may* need some work, especially if you encountered what I have (lens delamination). The glass is cheap, but not any worse than the originals. There is good sources of glass out there.
The paint is purely a cosmetic issue, but it will eventually scratch off. I'm going to strip mine, prep the surface, and send it to my bluing guy. He will make it look like a million bucks.

Stay tuned.....

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