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Old 03-29-2021, 11:02 AM
dffsdf135 dffsdf135 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2021
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Interesting, thanks for all the information everyone. So based upon this, it sounds like I'm actually probably good to buy anything in store? If the purchase limit even on Garands is only 2 in-store per month...

Will swing by this weekend and see if any Krags are still around!
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Old 03-30-2021, 08:57 PM
shoot308 shoot308 is offline
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I actually turned in 8 Krag carbines for a local American Legion last year along with 4 1917s and 13 1903s. They are still out there at posts.
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Old 03-31-2021, 07:05 AM
Stunng23 Stunng23 is offline
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Originally Posted by Capt.Tom View Post
Speaking of CMP Provinance, does anyone know where the CMP is getting the Krags from? Hard to believe that there were a lot in the hands VFW etcetera to be turned in. The one I was lucky enough to get looks like it came from a museum.
I agree totally. If they were in some VFW, they were in a display case or locked up and never used. The one that I got looked like it was never really used. ME measured a tad less than 1 and wood was just a little dirty otherwise "perfect" for being 121 years old. Carts were very strong and really nice. After a little light wood cleaning I think it was worth the $1250. The bore didn't need anything done to it and was in sort of shockingly good condition. Some of the other Krags there did look more worn and might not have been worth $1250. More than happy with mine.
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