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Old Yesterday, 05:47 PM
Hartinarmz Hartinarmz is offline
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Default Winchester M1 Garand Service Grade RRAD

I recently received this rifle back in February with a couple others and I think I am now in love with the 1960's rebuilds. It looks like it was rebuilt and put into storage until the CMP sent it my way. It's a Winchester, serial number 24315XX with a Springfield barrel dated 1/52. The wood appears to be all matching and the RRAD cartouche is quite crisp. I love how the wood looks. There is also a rack number on the wrist with a number of 46146. I did some googling and found RRAD's with these EXACT rack numbers were previously distributed back in 2018. Here is the associated link to the post regarding those:


I thought that was super cool. All rack numbers were within 100 as well.

Now I just need to collect the remaining 60's rebuilds!

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Old Today, 02:12 PM
skimonster skimonster is offline
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Did you clean the stock or did it come like that? Really nice
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Old Today, 02:41 PM
Det. Jason 714 Det. Jason 714 is offline
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I wonder if that stands for the 4/61 ADA from Ft. Carson. then rack numbers for each weapon.
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Old Today, 05:51 PM
Hartinarmz Hartinarmz is offline
Join Date: Aug 2017
Posts: 52

The stock pretty much looked like that when I got it. Just a ballistol wipe down. I was impressed with how clean the entire rifle was. I think the replacement wood looks great. I like the idea of FT Carson lineage, beats my best guess!
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Old Today, 07:44 PM
3IDGarand 3IDGarand is offline
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That's a nice rifle! I got a Win-13 this past winter and it's a RRAD rebuild with a date of 9-66. The wood isn't as nice as yours, but I really like the GI wood and the fact that the barrel is practically brand new.
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