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Old 08-23-2011, 12:01 PM
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Default Riverside Gun Club WW2 Military Match

Riverside Gun Club (between Denton and Albemarle, NC) is back in action again! Come out and join the fun shooting WW2 rifles.....

If time permits there will be a 3-man "team" event similar to the NTIT "rattle battle" match with the team having a TOTAL of 70 rounds between them and shooting rapid fire with three position changes.


Riverside Gun Club

World War II Military Rifle Match

Date - 24 September 2011

Time 8:30 Registration Match Begins 9:00

Match Fee - $20.00

Firearm Requirement -

Match involves accuracy plus originality & uniqueness of firearm.

Rifles must be a standard military configuration & caliber of WW 2 or WW 1 era. Special non-standard optics, magazines, triggers, rests/bipods, slings or stocks not allowed. Shooter must use same firearm through all stages. Period optics or binoculars of 7 power or less may be used. Shooting jackets & mats are acceptable. We will be shooting from Standing, Sitting & Prone positions from 100 yd. or less on all targets. No full automatic fire allowed, but legal NFA weapons allowed in semi-auto mode. No crew served weapons permitted. Reduced velocity gallery loads not permitted, but military surplus or reloads accepted.

Match format

First stage Marksmanship! Shooters will fire from 100 yds. on SR-1 targets. After 5 minute sighter period, shoot for score with 10 rds. 5 minutes (Slow Prone). With 5 rounds, 5 minutes. (Sitting/kneeling). We finish this stage with 5 rounds, 5 minutes. (Standing). All 20 shots for score will take place before going down range. Fix bayonet earns extra 10 points. Shooters score & paste targets for next relay. Maximum score is 100 points, equal 33% of match.

Second stage - Ambush! At 100 yds. rifles lock & loaded, safety on. Shooters engage the moving silhouette target when it travels through firing area. After first pass, walk down range & engage target when it reappears. A fixed bayonet earns extra 10 points. Firing maximum shots, best 10 hits will go for record. Score is equal 33% of match. (Teams if possible)

Last stage Sniper! Targets are placed 100 yds. in a camouflaged position. Shooters are allowed one shot to remove enemy. May use an ammo can or pack type rest. Additional one shot for value allowed if target was missed. Maximum score is 100 points, 50 points for follow up shot. Extra 10 points for shooting the officer. Score is equal 33% of match. Shooter may use period military sniper scope or have spotter with binoculars of 7 power or less. (Teams if possible)

Qualified WW 2 era Rifles

United States M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine, M1A1 Carbine, 1941 Johnson, 1903, 1903A1 & 1903A3 Springfield Rifles & 1917 Enfield along with any sniper variations of the above.

British No. 1 Mk III, No. 4 Mk I & No. 5 Mk I Rifles and any sniper variations.

German All Kar 98 K variations, G41 Rifle, G43/K43 Rifle, MP 43 variations.

Italian All M1891, M1938 M1940 Carcano 6.5 / 7.35mm Rifle variations.

Japanese Type 38 & Type 99 variations.

France- MAS 36, 8mm Lebel & variations

Sweden- 6.5mm Mausers & variations

Swiss- Schmidt Rubin straight pull & variations

USSR- Mosin Nagant rifles & carbines, SVT 38 & 40, SKS

Norway- Krag variations

Variations of all the above rifles, used by Poland, Finland, Czech, Dutch & Holland during WW2 period.

Shooters grade/score each others firearms for uniqueness & originality prize. This prize is awarded separate from the above match score.

Uniqueness & Originality guidelines -

1- Military issued barrel

2- Issue military parts, sights, trigger, bayonet lug, barrel bands & screws.

3- Stock condition military issue - no bedding or special woodwork - original finish - military cartouche stamp.

4- Condition of metal Not refinished, no pitting or rust.

5- Rarity of firearm compared to other contestants weapons.

Each above criteria is worth 20 points or less, as awarded by graders
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