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Old 02-18-2011, 08:45 AM
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Default Topic: Military style rifle match NC/SC (Steel targets) March 12th

This will be the Nineteenth match!!!

I will have an optics class again for the drop eight, with only a first place plaque though as there will probably not be very many shooters using optics.
If you want to shoot in both classes you will only be able to shoot once in each class. Meaning you will only be able to shoot the drop 8 twice total.

If there are at least two female shooters we will give out a plaque for top female shooter.

It will be Saturday March 12th
Start time is 9:00 am

This will be a 200yd and 300 yd shoot

All Faler's from all states are welcome!

I am looking for sponsors who would like to donate some stuff for prizes

Gunslinger, Allen Arms, CMP Armory & Moses Machine works, are on board as sponsors.

Here is the course of fire

You can shoot with or without a sling, or you can use a bipod, or some kind of front rest (i.e. ammo can, sand bag etc.) No rear rests are allowed.

The targets are 13"X 8" and are set up tall i.e. 13"high 8" wide

Military style rifle match

There will be an Iron sights and optics division for the Drop eight stage, and optics will also be allowed in the 3 man team stage.

Any current or obsolete semi-auto or bolt military style rifle can be used
FAL, G3, M1 Garand , AR 15, M1A/M14, AK, O3A3 etc.

The match will consist of 5 separate stages

Stage one (Drop eight)
will consist of
8 steel targets that must be knocked down from 200 yds (targets are 8" x 13")
Fastest time wins
There will be 48 targets so six people can participate before having to reset the targets.
This stage will be shot from 200yds
60 second time limit
Each person will shoot this stage 2 times
(If shooting in both Iron sights and Optics Class you will only shoot once per Class.)

STAGE ONE A (Mano-A-Mano Drop 8)
The top 6 shooters in the drop 8 will shoot head to head until only one remains.

Stage two (Standing)
Will consist of shooting STANDING
3 steel targets that must be knocked down from 200 yds (targets are 8" x 13")
Fastest time wins 45 second time limit

Stage three (Bolt gun drop 4)
Bolt Gun drop 4 (this stage is optional)
Will consist of shooting 4 steel targets (using a bolt gun) that must be knocked down from 200 yds (targets are 8" x 13")
Fastest time wins 45 second time limit

Stage Four (3 man team)
Will consist of a three man team
Shooting 24 steel targets at 200 yds (targets are 8" x 13")
Fastest time wins

Stage five (Sniper)
Will consist of
One steel target to be knocked down at 300 yds (target is 8" x 13")
Only one shot allowed
This is an elimination round miss and your out! Hit and you move to the next round.

You'll probably need 100 rds but bring at least 150 to be safe.

$20 entry fee for non members and $10 fee for CRPC members

Check out the website for directions and general info on the club


Any questions post here or email me

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