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Old 10-23-2009, 07:38 PM
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Default NC Reduced XTC and MidRange State Champs Oct 31/Nov1

A little cut and past from the old forum! Matches are a week away now and we have several more sponsor goodies at the match now, including a Whte Oak Armament NM AR15 upper, a Rock River Arms NM A4 AR 15 upper, a Giraurd trimmer, Creedmoor Hardback Cordura Coat, RRA complete NM AR15 lower, RRA stripped lower, ParaOrdnance stripped lower, RRA NM 2 stage trigger, Turner leather sling, Berger bullets, Sierra bullets, Lapua bullets and brass, Hornady bullets and a lot more! Almost everyone, if not everyone, will go home with something!

We also have some custom plaques for overall and class winners. Food will be served both days.

Should be a lot of fun, just like last year.

Hope to see some of you there...though we are down to about 10 firing positions per day left open as our preregistered shooters have exceeded last years competitors already.


The old cut and paste post from the old forum.

I know this isnt vintage specific, but vintage rifles are more than welcome to attend and we have a class set up just for them. So here is the info! Hope to see some of yall join us!

Hey folks, its with great pleasure that I annouce our North Carolina Reduced Course (2/300 yard) XTC and 300 yard Mid Range prone State Championships that will be held again this year at Catawba Valley Rifle Club and cosponsored by the Lake Norman High Power Club on the last weekend of October. Oct 31/Nov1

The matches will be the weekend of Oct 31/Nov 1. Its a 2 day, 2 part state championship sanctioned by NCRPA and NRA (paperwork sent in but havent heard back yet but we should be fully registered just like last year). On Saturday, Oct 31, we will shoot an 800 agg XTC match. Its 200 and 300 yards, with pits. We are limited to 3 relays of 18 shooters, so a max of 54 shooters for either day. We start shooting Sat at 8am sharp. After the 800 agg, we will have a cookout thats included in the match fees. Any legal HP rifle is good to go. Optics ARE allowed but you wont be eligible for awards. Will have an overall winner, high match rifle, high service rifle, high vintage, and high class winners for any class with 5 or more preregistered competitors. We give out some nice plaques and the state champion gets the big trophy as well for the year and its passed down to the next winner and the last years winner's name gets added to it.

On Sunday, we are running another state championship, this one is a midrange prone only match. 3 strings of 20 shots with sighers at 300 yards on the MR 63 target. First string is iron sights only, the next two strings are ANY sights, so bring your optics if you want. Will have an overall winner, a high match rifle and a high service rifle. And any class with 5 or more preregistered competitors get another award available. We are having a pancake breakfast at 9am on Sunday, during that time we are awarding Saturdays awards, holding the door prize drawings, raffle and live auction. Shooting on Sunday starts at noon, sharp (we cant shoot on Sunday before noon, thus the morning activities).

Match fees are $65 for BOTH days if registered before Oct 1, its $75 after Oct 1. As this is a limited number of competitors match, preregistering is a must as thats they only way to guarantee a spot on the line and we do anticipate filling the line well before the match weekend. Match fees cover shooting, food on both days, door prize drawing, etc.

Prizes - Here is where our match is different. Our prize pool is amazing. We have door prizes including Rock River Stripped AR15 lowers, ParaOrdnance AR 15 stripped lowers, RRA 2 stage match triggers, Turner slings, ammo, Berger bullets, Sierra Bullets, Hornady Bullets, gun cases and more. Raffle items will include a complete National Match Rock River AR15 lower, Creedmoor Hardback shooting coat, and there will be a live auction for a full blown White Oak Armament NM upper with pinned sights. Raffle and live auction proceeds and all proceeds from the match go directly to fun the high power program at Cat Valley and to support the LNHPC junior program. This match funds our programs for the year and almost all, if not all, competitors will walk away from this match with something more than just a results bulletin! Last year, everyone walked away with something off the table.

Location - Cat Valley is in Conover, NC, which is just outside of Hickory. The range is 5 mins off exit 130 on I40. We have a Super 8 motel in Conover with rooms at $50 per night (or that is what some competitors are reporting to me now). If someone wants to "camp out", I think we can arrange something there too that would put you 40 mins from the range.

I cant promise you that you will shoot great or win, but I can promise you that you will have fun and you will find that we run a quick and efficient match, and we wont have any line nazis messing with you. This may be a "reduced course" match but the folks that show up to shoot it take it very seriously and competition each year is pretty fierce (we had one new national record set last year and had 2 shooters all but break the open record). The target frames are slick and easy to run. We also use a UTV pulling a trailer as a "shooter shuttle" to haul all competitors back and forth from the pits, so line changes are quick. We also try to give out nice awards to those that shoot well. Its a great way to end the year and all proceeds go to two great causes...our range and our kids. Please come out and join us!

If anyone wants additional information, questions or a PDF copy of our match program, just email me at mudcat@charter.net and I will forward you one. I can also give you George's address for sending in your preregistration forms and match fees.

Look forward to seeing some of yall joining us!

John Friguglietti
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Old 10-30-2009, 10:35 AM
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Mudcat has a good match, should be fun, and the weather is starting to look better.
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Old 11-02-2009, 08:29 PM
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Default Match Results!!

These are cut and pasted from the National Match forum so there might be some hanging sentences and such.....

Saturday's 800 agg XTC results:

Thanks Kent. Kent is right, we had a heck of a fun time today notwithstanding the weather. Lots of good scores, especially considering the less than dry conditions (its always fun holding your hand over your front sight between shots during offhand to keep the lens from getting wet as some idiot...that would be me...forgot his super duper RightSight rain shade!) I think everyone had fun, Bob Wallace called a great match and George Northam has the pits running great. Both our club, LNHPC and CVRPC put on a great show. We lost almost a quarter of our preregistered shooters due to weather but they are the ones that missed out.

FYI, Kowa 27X LER eyepieces can get filled with water if it rains enough on them...mine did. Just finished hitting it with a hair dryer to dry it out for tomorrow's prone match. Guess its been treated too roughly over the last 6 years or so of use.

Tomorrow is the 300 yard prone championship, which is separate from the XTC we shot today. Below are the prelim scores I just received from Bob via email. Sorry for the format mess (cut and pasted from excel) and Asa or other admins, if you can move this thread to match results now, that would be appreciated.

Congrats to
John Friguglietti - Overall State Champion
Steven Lunsford - MR champion plaque
John Teachey - SR champion plaque
Charlie Kish - Senior champion plaque
William McCraw - Junior champion plaque
Liz Herrman - Expert champion plaque
David Ficklin - Sharpshooter Champion plaque
Miles Arnette - Marksman Champion plaque

Prelim Results:
CW Kish 19325113 HM MR 187.004 194.004 196.007 193.007 383.010 390.011 770.022 CW Kish
John Friguglietti13780960HM MR 196.004 198.012 200.009 200.012 387.009 398.021 794.037 John Frigugliett
Kent Reeve 7070509 HM MR 183.002 198.005 192.003 191.005 383.015 390.008 764.015 Kent Reeve
Steven Lunsford 80391422HM MR 184.002 200.010 200.010 200.013 380.008 400.020 784.035 Steven Lunsford
Douglas Armstrong 16476739 HM SR 192.002 193.000 197.007 196.006 389.007 390.007 778.015 Douglas rmstrong
John Teachey 143018237HM SR 188.003 200.013 198.007 197.005 379.011 398.020 783.028 John Teachey
Rick Barnett 20222372MA MR SENIOR 168.001 191.005 164.004 191.008 349.006 355.009 714.018 Rick Barnett
William McCraw 148300546MA SR JR M 190.004 199.004 198.006 181.005 386.009 397.010 768.019 William McCraw
John Ayala 2107555 MA SR 169.001 193.002 189.002 196.005 358.003 382.004 747.010 John Ayala
Travis Rushing 10424570MA SR 181.001 190.002 188.004 189.002 246.001 378.006 748.009 Travis Rushing
David Honeycutt 140556376 EX MR 181.000 196.005 187.002 174.002 371.004 383.007 738.009 David Honeycutt
Isaac London 51709158 EX MR 175.002 195.007 191.002 190.004 359.007 386.009 751.015 Isaac London
Liz Herrman 152117230EX SR JR F 184.001 194.005 197.009 184.005 370.003 391.014 759.020 Liz Herrman
Glenn Calhoun 140408028EX SR SENIOR 172.002 183.005 188.003 186.002 337.006 371.008 729.012 Glenn Calhoun
Larry Strayhorn KCA1107 EX SR SENIOR 182.002 195.007 184.001 165.004 182.002 379.008 726.014 Larry Strayhorn
Daryl Garrett 16254599EX SR 171.004 186.002 184.005 0.000 345.007 370.007 541.011 Daryl Garrett
Danie Bootha 3989136 EX SR 164.000 188.003 183.001 174.003 357.006 371.004 700.009 Danie Bootha
Kyle Cook 146212980EX SR 172.001 191.007 193.001 193.006 365.007 365.002 749.015 Kyle Cook
Robert Beasley 41569791EX SR JR M 185.001 191.005 192.006 177.002 362.005 383.011 745.014 Robert Beasley
Mary London 517095 EX SR JR F 181.000 195.007 188.003 192.005 358.004 383.010 756.015 Mary London
Tim Moore 138692126EX SR 190.002 193.002 191.001 177.004 390.014 384.003 751.009 Tim Moore
Chelsea Moore 156541120SS SR JR F 169.001 187.001 180.000 182.002 349.004 367.001 718.004 Chelsea Moore
Natakawa Ayala 153263961SS SR JR M 181.002 190.001 182.001 180.003 354.004 372.002 733.007 Natakawa Ayala
Robert Hudson 51310833SS SR JR M 174.001 186.004 185.001 173.002 363.005 371.005 718.008 Robert Hudson
David Ficklin 52837871SS SR 186.003 184.002 196.002 189.004 375.008 380.004 755.011 David Ficklin
Mark Wilkinson 133884243SS SR 142.000 187.001 194.005 189.005 303.000 381.006 712.011 Mark Wilkinson
Ronald Brown 38949703SS SR 159.000 196.003 188.002 161.000 264.000 384.005 704.005 Ronald Brown
Bert Beasley 161869060UNC SR 154.000 176.000 122.001 105.000 264.000 298.001 557.001 Bert Beasley
CJ Schiemer xxx UNC SR 93.000 114.000 65.000 110.000 93.000 179.000 382.000 CJ Schiemer
David Weiss 6901894 MK SR 142.001 161.000 103.000 65.000 324.003 264.000 471.001 David Weiss
Miles Arnette 87288359MK SR JR M 163.001 179.000 184.001 187.002 345.003 363.001 713.004 Miles Arnette

Sunday's results from the Bruce Teachey MidRange Prone Match (3x300):

Just sat down at the office and had results come in overnight from Bob (why he was up at 4:50am, I dont know!) but here is the rundown from the Bruce Teachey Midrange Prone 300 Yard Match shot yesterday (our State Championship). Some excellent shooting in some less than stellar conditions. Fun was had by all! We are talking of turning each championship into a full 2 day weekend per championship next year.

Steven Lunsford HM MR 200.015 200.017 200.013 600.045 State Champion
Kent Reeve HM MR 200.013 200.017 200.014 600.044 Match Rifle Champion
John Friguglietti HM MR 200.015 199.015 200.013 599.043
CW Kish HM MR SENIOR 186.005 200.011 200.012 586.028 Senior Champion
Doug Armstrong HM MR 198.010 200.019 199.014 597.043
Harvey Corriher HM MR 197.009 200.012 199.014 596.035
John Teachey HM SR 195.008 196.005 197.009 588.022
William McCraw MA SR JR M 197.006 193.005 189.004 579.015
Scott Fletcher MA SR 198.008 198.006 197.006 593.020 Service Rifle Champion
Gary Freeman MA MR 195.007 190.007 197.007 582.021
David McFarling MA MR 194.005 194.007 195.006 583.018
David Honeycutt EX MR 190.004 193.006 186.004 569.014
John Hensley EX MR 117.002 61.000 0.000 178.002
Isaac London EX SR 193.005 196.008 183.004 572.017
Tom Cash EX SR 185.003 173.001 176.002 534.006
Glenn Calhoun EX SR SENIOR 184.003 188.003 190.005 562.011
Daryl Garrett EX SR SENIOR 193.005 182.002 182.001 557.008
Kyle Cook EX SR 188.005 187.006 191.005 566.016
Rick Barnette EX MR SENIOR 192.004 193.009 196.010 581.023 Expert Champion
Rrt Beazley III EX SR JR M 197.008 189.002 179.002 565.012
Mary London EX SR JR F 193.009 193.007 193.006 579.022 Junior Champion
Gregory Scott SS MR 191.004 198.011 195.006 584.021 Sharpshooter Champion
David Ficklin SS SR 187.003 194.009 180.003 561.015
Ronald Brown SS SR 177.002 180.003 162.001 519.006
Robert Hudson MK SR 180.002 182.004 171.000 533.006
Larry Strayhorn MK SR SENIOR 181.006 174.003 182.003 537.012
Tim Moore MK SR 186.002 181.002 190.007 557.011
Miles Arnette MK SR JR M 180.002 183.004 193.004 556.010
Frank Corbin MK MR 154.001 159.000 170.000 483.001
CJ Schiemer MK SR JR 90.000 148.001 134.001 372.002
Chelsea Moore MK SR JR F 191.005 185.003 195.007 571.015 Marksman Champion
Dan Parks UNC SR 162.000 163.001 155.000 480.001
Donald Obst UNC SR 149.000 183.001 163.000 495.001
Blake Makison UNC SR 195.006 198.006 196.008 589.020

And another pic, one of my favorite, me getting to award my good friend Doc (Greg Scott) his Sharpshooter Champion plaque. Not sure what that look signifies, but its interesting!


And, I dont have results to post yet, but Steven then turned around and won the midrange prone match today with a 600-45x, edging out Kent Reeve at 600-44x. Steven had us all watching in the spotting scopes to the last shot as he needed a 200-13x to win and he only snagged 4 Xs in the first 10 shots, then shot a 10 for shot 11, then proceeded to shoot X clean the rest of the way out, including blowing out the golf tee (we use golf tees as spotters to avoid shattering plastic spindles) on the final shot for his last X, to win the match. Exciting!

I also think we had another National Record set today (had one last year set during our match) as Doug Armstrong (you may know him as the guy that recently legged out using only an M1) shot a 200-19X. He used a Palma rifle with irons, but shot during an Any/Any match, so I am not sure which record he tied or broke, as the case may be.

Dr Gregory Scott won the Sharpshooter class shooting a score that beat all experts and all but one master. Scott Fletcher won the service rifle class with a 593 with some lousy light conditions.

Will do a better write up with scores as soon as I get them from Bob but those are the ones my very tired self can remember at this moment. Needless to say, my tiredness is not regretted...on the contrary, this weekends matches were some of the most fun shooting and match hanging out that I have ever done, notwithstanding the rain, mud and today, the cold.

More to follow later.....me tired.....


Some pics...

the winners from both days matches:

match participants on Sunday

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