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Old 01-07-2020, 12:50 AM
0352 0352 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2019
Location: WNY
Posts: 56

My MOS in the Marines. 0352-Marine Anti-Tank Missileman.
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Old 01-07-2020, 09:35 AM
broomhandle broomhandle is offline
Join Date: Feb 2016
Location: Augusta GA- X NYC guy
Posts: 886

Hi All,

I was obsessed with the Mauser C-96 "Broomhandle" for YEARS!
I guess i watched too many WW-1 & 2 movies & Joe Kidd with Clint Eastwood!
Finely got one when a bunch came in from China! Still a really neat pistol!

Now, it's a growing NEED for various models of the Springfield & R I A 1903 & 03-A3 rifles.

It keeps my out of trouble ...most of the time,
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Old 01-07-2020, 09:50 AM
Papa Charlie Papa Charlie is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Everett, WA
Posts: 213

Always loved the Broomhandles, wish I had one.
Would like to find a Springfield M1 Garand, S/N 1,359,285 to go with my Winchester with same S/N
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Old 04-29-2020, 07:59 PM
HateCA HateCA is offline
Join Date: Apr 2020
Location: Nevada
Posts: 51

Can you guess...
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Old 01-22-2021, 08:03 AM
CleLeeEnfield354 CleLeeEnfield354 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2021
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Posts: 6

Maybe this post will revive this thread.


Cle=I live in Cleveland
LeeEnfield= I have already used this username for ArmsList awhile back, and at the time I was trying to sell my LeeEnfield No.4 Mk1 (I decided to keep it)

354=the number combination I have used since I made my first email many years ago.
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Old 02-11-2021, 09:08 PM
Unpaid Comintern Unpaid Comintern is offline
Join Date: Dec 2020
Posts: 13

Originally Posted by HateCA View Post
Can you guess...
I'm going to guess that you hate Century Arms.

I have not used this name anywhere else on the internet, I was wracking my brain to think of a good pun and this is what I came up with. Can't explain anymore without getting political lmao.
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Old 05-07-2021, 02:52 PM
lotto_joe lotto_joe is online now
Join Date: Apr 2021
Posts: 2

I've played the lottery since it started in Texas in the 70s. I'm seriously considering changing it to lotto_loser. But hey, you never know. Maybe my kids will get lucky. It's a little late for me. Name is Ken but that didn't fit with lotto.
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Old 05-08-2021, 04:29 PM
Kpsahusker Kpsahusker is offline
Join Date: Apr 2021
Location: Omaha, NE
Posts: 16

KP is what good friends from my home town called me. They’re my initials (first and middle names). A Husker is a player on the University of Nebraska Cornhusker football team... or a life-long, loyal fan thereof. KP’s a Husker... KPsaHusker. Nice to meet you...
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Old 05-16-2021, 11:48 AM
binlookin binlookin is offline
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Ohio, down on the OH-10 River
Posts: 125
Smile binlookin

I first 'built' this user name 30 years ago or so, when I was collecting and re-conditioning Cast Iron cookware..
I would find a piece I liked and usually say something like "I've been looking for one like that!
I shortened it to 'binlookin' and I binlookin a lookin ever since: For things I don't need, have no place to put and hardly ever get rid of! [I need a bigger outbuilding!]

Other 'handles' are 'atwit' and 'thtwit':
One of my lifelong GI buddies' wives told me I was "a twit"! Since I always aspired to be 'something' before I left this old Vail of tears? I decided that I would just be 'thtwit' and I still am!
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Old 05-19-2021, 01:32 PM
Splashmonster18 Splashmonster18 is online now
Join Date: Apr 2021
Location: Ohio
Posts: 14

About 10 years ago I attended a kayking Halloween party with a Sweetums muppet mask, there is a video on YT or vimeo someplace, been splashmonster ever since, 18 is my local number
Youth and agility are no match for age and treachery
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