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Old 10-11-2012, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Smal View Post
Is a Remington Reciever on a Mann Device Better than a Smith Corona,or is there one better than another Barrel wise from a manufacturer and if so How come,I bought a Remington I picked out at the South Store and its in execllent shape,like new,but im still learning about them obviously..Any help would be awesome.
I think the Arsenal, probably Lake City Arsenal, used whatever receivers they had on hand. They aparently are all 1903-A3 receivers. My 1903-A3 rifle, made of surplus parts, has an aftermarket cast receiver on it. I'm certain you will never find an after market anything on a MANN rifle. My after market National Ordinance receiver works well but it's not as pretty or as well made as the "like new" Remington receivers that came on my MANNs. I'm told that cast receivers are not a strong but mine has been through some pretty tough testing and we both still survive.
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