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Old 05-06-2021, 06:56 PM
Shomway Shomway is online now
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Originally Posted by Fenris_Bane View Post
There is one problem with a 1903A3 ... you have to go to the a CMP store to buy one. The North and South Store is currently closed to catch up on M1's. So you are limited to the North Store or the Talladega Marksmanship Range Store.

The second problem is that supplies are limited and there may not be any rifles at the time you visit the store.
North Store is closed too but the TMP just had a restock of 80+ bolt action rifles with lots of 03A3's. The OP lives in Alabama, so I assume kinda close by.....
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Old 05-06-2021, 07:19 PM
Garandimal Garandimal is offline
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Had a SC 03-A3.

It was precise, but no fun to shoot.

It was a kicker.

Got an M1 rifle.

Not quite as precise, but field accurate and a sweet shooter.

Let the 03-A3 go to a family member w/o a rifle.

... and miss it.

Certainly not for shooting, though.

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Old 05-06-2021, 07:33 PM
USriflecal30 USriflecal30 is offline
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And your in Alabama and you aren't shooting "regularly" at the TMP matches? Get a decent M1907 sling, get a half decent shooting jacket, learn to use both and shoot some Garand and Springfield matches. That's why you need an M1903A3. And while your are there, pick out a M1917 if they have some. There, now you have three rifles for the three GSM matches, all shooting same ammo. You'll be a better rifleman for it too.
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Old 05-06-2021, 08:24 PM
Whitpusmc Whitpusmc is offline
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I want a Win 1917... can’t find the time to get to the TMP right now either. Oh well! Go get that 1903A3 now while they have them is my advice.
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Old 05-07-2021, 08:32 AM
mparrott82 mparrott82 is offline
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I drove over from Atlanta to the TMP store on Wednesday just to see what they had. I got a CMP 1911 in rounds 2 so I figured why not a bolt action to go with it (already have an Garand). I ended up getting a Eddystone M1917 (July 1918, $700) and a Remington M1903A3 (Mar 1943, $770). Both will be good shooters, both had Throat and Barrel rating of 1, decent stocks. I wish there was not a one rifle type per year limit. They had some nickle/chrome plated M1917 and M1903A3 for around $350 that I would not have minded.

I figure, as others have posted, they are not making them anymore, they will eventually run out and you will have to pay GunBroker prices. And they use the same ammunition as my Garand.

Go for it.
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Old 05-07-2021, 12:04 PM
Tester19 Tester19 is offline
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"Talk me into a 1903A3"

Find a nice one, pick it up and handle it, and the rifle itself will talk you into it!
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Old 05-07-2021, 12:09 PM
6string 6string is offline
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I hunt with one too
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Old 05-07-2021, 01:57 PM
JustinandKim JustinandKim is offline
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They are never going to be this price or have this availability again! The next time they all may just go up for auction. Two years ago I picked up a really nice Smith Corona, last year a Remington. I didn't really believe that would last another year. I'm extremely grateful that they limited them to one a year. I also got the 1903 each year also. This year I got a Remington 1917. Now is the time to get one while they are available..
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Old 05-08-2021, 12:00 AM
Bml Bml is offline
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If you are a shooter, find a 1903a3 with a C-Stock. You will thank me later for the advice for such a sweet shooting milsurp bolt action.
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Old 05-09-2021, 09:04 AM
thielenjp thielenjp is offline
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Let's see, SA M1 Garand (1944), RIA '03, Rem. 03a3, Eddystone M1917, IBM M1 carbine. Got another M1 coming and waiting for the call on my 1911.

I love shooting them all, the Garand and carbine draw the most attention. But the 03a3 is my favorite because it was my dad's.

Buy the bolt guns, you won't regret it. The clock is running.
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