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letterman letterman is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: OHIO
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So after all of the discussion about the bad service of USPS, I will add another tail. Yesterday when I went out to our mailbox I found a Christmas card, that had two yellow stickers on it. One sticker said no such street, the other one was our address. I looked at the bar code that is sprayed on by an optical character reader ( automation). The reader had put the wrong zip code on the envelope, it was still a Cincinnati zip code. The plot thickens, the powers to be in the USPS with there infinite wisdom have decided that ALL undeliverable CINCINNATI mail must now go to DETROIT MICHIGAN, to have those little yellow stickers put on the envelope. All of this nonsense is in the name of efficiency and saving the USPS time and money’s. The card was going THREE miles from my house, in the same zip code. As I said in a previous post nothing is like it was. In my opinion the world is all wrapped up in instant gratification and impatience! Mike
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pmiya pmiya is offline
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Location: Utah
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Last Saturday 01/18 Informed Delivery showed 4 letters were being delivered. 3 were from the same investment company I'm dealing with about closing my late father's estate. I received 1 of the investment company letters and the other. 2 important letters from the investment company didn't show up. Luckily my brother received the same letters.

The next delivery day Informed Delivery showed that I was getting 2 letters and 1 package. One letter was from the State Tax Commission and the other was from the same investment company that sent 3 letters on Saturday. Well I got 2 packages, one on informed delivery and the other a Registered Mail package and some junk mail. No letter from the tax commission or from the investment company. Again my brother received the investment company letter.

I've submitted all of the missing letters as not delivered on the Informed Delivery website.

I'm already stressed out dealing with my father's estate and not to mention the recent loss of my dad. The USPS isn't helping out with my blood pressure.
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