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Old 04-01-2021, 02:28 PM
weimar_police weimar_police is offline
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just my 2 cents - but before I went to Europe in 1993 I greased up all my guns, then was extended and was there until 2000, by the time I got back, you would have sworn that grease was original on my WW2 guns that I owned....
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Old 04-01-2021, 02:34 PM
Whitpusmc Whitpusmc is offline
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Go to 22:30 for this exact discussion and 23:30 to have your heart broken.

Originally Posted by Ripton View Post
I absolutely love C&Rsenel, I will check that one out.
3rd degree firearms enthusiast

My feedback thread
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Old 04-01-2021, 03:51 PM
Orlando Orlando is offline
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There are some people who would pay more for a correct grade in protective grease than one that is cleaned
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Old 04-01-2021, 04:36 PM
ZvenoMan ZvenoMan is offline
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Originally Posted by Orlando View Post
There are some people who would pay more for a correct grade in protective grease than one that is cleaned
Exactly. I may agree or disagree all day long but there is clearly a market for "as original" firearms.
Not really any different than import marks or not, refinish a poor looking milsurp/firearm or not. To someone it will always be worth more in it's prior state.

Some old geezer tried to start an argument with me in the SS one day as I was rooting through a shipping cart of drill rifles. He kept telling me I didn't want one as I'd never get my money out of it. No matter how I explained that was not why I was looking he persisted.
It's not always about the monetary value.


Zvenoman's Feedback Thread
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Old 04-01-2021, 05:11 PM
Craftsman Craftsman is offline
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If you own it strictly as an investment, to sell at as high as possible profit someday then leave the grease on.
If you own it for your own personal enjoyment, which may include holding it, showing it off to others, and occasional or regular shooting, then clean and lube as normal, and enjoy your piece of USGI history
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Old 04-01-2021, 06:41 PM
MTC29 MTC29 is offline
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Originally Posted by Shomway View Post
Is it actually cosmoline or grease? The Greek returns were notorious to have been greased. I have a Collector Grade that looks unfired that I assume is a Greek return(data sheet date meets the time frame) that is/was covered in grease around the bolt and trigger group. I've only cleaned off the excess grease that could be smeared either on the stock or contact with other rifles or my hands. Other than that I haven't removed any more or removed the trigger group.
This might sound strange, but the grease adds providence as to where it might have came from as a return. I don't believe a new SA left the factory with either grease or cosmoline.
This is just my personal preference and the rifle will not be fired by me.....FWIW

I remember getting some Service Grades which looked very much like that. They were loaded with so much grease that the CMP would slip the rifle into a green plastic sleeve so that the grease wouldn't destroy the foam lining in the cardboard box (no hard cases back in those days).
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Old 04-01-2021, 08:01 PM
DukeIronHand DukeIronHand is offline
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Donít rely, or put blind faith, in cosmoline.
Iíve had plenty of parts, large and small, where it either was applied improperly or somehow came off in storage. Weird seeing a heavily greased part with bright rust spots on it. Works great where itís on correctly.
Clean, inspect, then regrease if you desire.
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Old 04-01-2021, 08:32 PM
6kidsdad 6kidsdad is offline
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I would clean it off. The grease will not hurt the metal, but is not good for the wood. I am sure the wood has been soaking that stuff up to a degree already.
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Old 04-01-2021, 10:14 PM
lapriester lapriester is offline
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There simply is no collector value in grease. That's foolishness, IMHO. You could have serious corrosion or pitting under it that will only get worse in time. Many times I have found that to be the case. Leaving it on puts you at the mercy of the entity who applied it. Seeing what I've seen on heavily "greased" Greek returns has been a real eye opener over the years. Pits, hidden cracked stocks and handguards, siezed in place bolts.

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Old 04-02-2021, 01:22 AM
Rranut Rranut is offline
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Personally I would clean and properly lube.
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