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Old 07-14-2021, 08:36 PM
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Default Foam and Vet Wrap on Rimfire Sporter stocks.

Good day,

I have a question about using a stock 10-22 with a 1/2" piece of foam on the comb, held in place with vet wrap. Vet wrap that is probably two years old.

The rules state in 8.2.2 a,
" The stock may have a Monte Carlo cheek-piece, but may not have an orthopedic or asymmetrically shaped cheek-piece or pistol grip. The attachment of cheek pads or other material to the buttstock is permitted if the pad or attached material is not orthopedically shaped and is fixed so it cannot be moved or adjusted for different firing positions. "

I have seen shooters at Perry using wrapped combs so I know it is done. But, is it legal? I would think if the foam was not removed from one stage to the next, it would meet the requirements. If you have left vet wrap on a stock more than a week, you know it is pretty close to immovable.

Thank you,

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