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Old 01-13-2022, 05:27 PM
lemmonhead lemmonhead is offline
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Bml, adding to Jarheadteacher’s response. While there are no guarantees, I’d be willing to bet there will be plenty of room….. it is better to sign up earlier though..
Look at the schedule again, most of the pistol matches are toward the beginning of the venue. There is the vintage sniper match the day before the start of the XTC matches, between the games matches and XTC. If you and your son want to partner up and shoot the vintage sniper match, you are welcome to use one of my extra sniper rifles. I would just ask that you either shoot ball ammo or match ammo purchased from the CMP. They usually have match ammo there to purchase.
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Old 01-15-2022, 10:29 PM
Bml Bml is offline
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My daughter just turned 15. She is a lefty and just likes having fun shooting the Mattel mouse guns and will not shoot the big wood guns. She shoots RF Sporter in 4-H and will shoot a carbine if I twist her arm.

Thanks for the noting the schedule. I was mistaken, the middle days has vintage sniper, HP clinic and team match. We could be busy those days too. If we can pull going the whole event, she wants to shoot Rifle Marksmanship class match, RF Sporter, Carbine, unlimited modern military, High Power Clinic, 3 days XTC and the EIC match.

Any tips on accommodations besides the hotel mentioned in the match information? I have a relative wanting to go to shoot and would bring his family. We may have up to 8 people.
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