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Old 11-14-2020, 10:47 AM
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Default CMP Competition Rules for 2020-2021 Are Now Available

CMP Competition Rules for 2020-2021 Are Now Available - CMP Competition Rules for the 2021 competition season have now been approved by the CMP Rules Committee and are posted on the CMP website at https://thecmp.org/competitions/cmp-...ions-rulebooks/. The 2020 competition season was severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and many 2020 events were cancelled, so the CMP still has a substantial inventory of printed 2020 rulebooks. In addition, the changes adopted for the 2020 competition season were not thoroughly tested, plus there was only a small number of changes for 2021. As a result, the CMP decided not to publish new rulebooks for 2021. 2020 Rulebooks will continue to be used and Errata sheets are being provided for each rulebook. The rulebooks posted on the CMP website have been updated with 2021 changes are labeled as “2020-2021” rulebooks. Read more at https://thecmp.org/cmp-competition-r...now-available/.
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Old 11-14-2020, 04:08 PM
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Default Please *clarify* rule 3.6.2 for me


I find the figure sketched in the upper right corner of the diagram accompanying the new Rule 3.6.2 to be ambiguous. It could reasonably be interpreted to disqualify the use of *all* Knobloch- or Champion-style dedicated shooting glasses. Alternatively, it could have been intended to disqualify only the use of these glasses with the small diameter rifle-style lenses and/or with the narrow 30-mm (1.18-inch) width opaque occluder depicted in the figure.

While adherence to the ANSI Z87.1 safety glass standard is listed as “strongly recommended,” the new rule only requires that “Eye protection must have two complete lenses with minimum dimensions in depth and width for each lens of 1.30 in.”

Please clarify if wearing Knobloch- or Champion-style shooting glasses with *two polymer lenses,* each exceeding the required 1.30-inch minimum "depth and width" dimension [such as the 37-mm (1.46-inch) or 42-mm (1.65-inch) diameter pistol-style lenses] would be acceptable.

As an almost-Senior shooter requiring a -7.00D correction, which cannot be accommodated by most available telescopic sights, a decision to exclude all Knobloch or Champion style shooting glasses could sadly spell the end of my participation in CMP rifle events.

With Best Regards

Mario Fajardo
DR# 2135
P100: 2017 & 2018
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Old 06-04-2021, 01:22 AM
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Did you ever get a response? Are single mask style lenses not allowed? My son and I shoot shotgun, USPSA, and the like with Pilla shooting glasses and those are one piece, full coverage, almost complete wrap, lenses.


I should be fine with my RX inserts as that gives me 3 lenses , but my son has perfect vision so he only has the one wrap around.....

Jeff in KC
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Old 02-15-2022, 10:29 AM
ceresco ceresco is offline
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I see that that without any special notice, the 2022 rules are now available. While there are not many changes, most seem, IMO, reasonable and welcome. I noted particularly an additional paragraph detailing the responsibilities of range officers and officials. While the postive contribution of this group is without question, the addition of this new paragraph speaks to the apparent need to address the occasional misuse of their authority. This is something that most long time shooters have experienced over the years. I will leave it at that. I also noted that the table detailing sniper rifles has received some much needed attention. Sadly this only resulted in the addition of the Warner-Swazey scope to the 1903 category, leaving in place rules that allow a Stith Kollmorgen A3/4, don't allow FG and straight 1903 stocks on The USMC, etc..... I am intrigued by the image of a Warner-Swazey on a C-stocked 1903 and the possibility of presenting my 1952 A4 Stith-Kollmorgen for inspection at CP. Well at least we know that the rules books are being reviewed every year. Good Shooting. ...
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