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Old 04-22-2012, 02:02 PM
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Default CMP Rimfire Sporter April 28 , 2012 North West Alabama

North Alabama Shooting Association CMP Club 31031
CMP Sanctioned Rimfire Sporter Match

TYPE OF MATCH / DATE & TIME OF MATCH: CMP Rimfire Rifle Match, April 28, 2012
www.nasaclub.com / www.rimfireshooting.com

Registration 0800-0900 AM

PLACE: North Alabama Shooting Association Range.
MATCH Director ODCMP GSM Dwight Pilkilton , 256.710.4277. fmjbt22@gmail.com , NASA Rimfire Director Danny Creasy. Also Master CMP GSM Instructors Andrew Butler , David Malone and John Butler

9 Firing Points
CONDITIONS GOVERNING MATCH: RULES: CMP Rimfire Sporter rules apply: Weight of rifle cannot exceed 7.5 lbs, trigger pull must lift NRA Certified 3 lb weight , scopes magnification not to exceed 6-power, no thumbhole stocks, fluted barrels, see rules available at www.odcmp.com

OPEN TO: U.S. citizens capable of safely handling a rifle. Waiver required and adult coach must be present at all times with their child.

COURSE OF FIRE: 60 scored shots fired from 50 and 25 yards
• Unlimited sighters from the prone supported position allotted 10 minutes.
• Slow fire prone: 10 shots/10 minutes, prone.
• Rapid fire prone: 5 shots/30 seconds, repeat after a reload.
• Slow fire sitting or kneeling: 10 shots/10 minutes
• Standing to Rapid fire sitting or kneeling: 5 shots/ 30 seconds, repeat after a reload
• Offhand (standing) slow fire: 10 shots in 10 minutes, off hand.
• Offhand (standing) rapid fire: 5 shots in 30 seconds, off hand, repeat after a reload
* Bolt Action allotted 30 secs., Semiautos allotted 25 Secs for Rapid Fire Strings

AMMUNITION: Ammunition will not be supplied. .17 and .22 magnum are not permitted.
Class: Shooters may shoot any or all classes
T-Class: Scopes & Aperture Rear sights
O-Class: Open Rear Sight
Tactical: “AR” type rifles

FEES: Free, No Charge for Match
• An eligibility affidavit and liability agreement must be signed during registration
• All competitors will complete liability form!
General Information: Go to http://www.odcmp.com/competitions/rimfire.pdf for detailed information on CMP Rimfire Sporter Match. It is recommended that you bring some kind of shooting mat as you will be shooting on the ground. If you don’t have a mat, a piece of carpet (2’x6’) or a blanket is a good substitute. It is also highly recommended that you have a sling on your rifle for the prone and sitting/kneeling positions. Shooters may wear a glove on the forward hand. The purpose of this match is to improve marksmanship, build shooting skills and have fun. Awards pins will be presented in accordance with CMP Rules. Shooters are competing against a Standard Score, not each other. We’ll work with you for position, rifle not quite right by rules, etc. Let’s just shoot and have a great time!

Achievement Pins will be awarded. Gold , Silver, and Bronze for shooters who make medal scores.
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