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Old 08-26-2012, 07:25 PM
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Default North Alabama Garand Match

The Alabama Service Rifle Team is sponsoring a Garand Match, Carbine Match, and a special Bonus Points Match. Details are as follows:

date: Saturday, 27. Oct '12

place: Blue and Gray range complex, Guntersville Dam, Guntersville Alabama.

time: setup and sign in starts at 0700. First shot downrange at 0830, or earlier, if we have a full relay.

rules: CMP 16th edition.....or what ever edition is in the box...rapids will be 50 and 60 seconds, none of this whiney 60, 70, or 80 second stuff.

scoring: All competitors will be required to score targets.

targets: Garand Match will use 5V's on the 200 yard range. Carbine Match will use SR-1's on the 100 yard range. Carbine match may be fired on the 200 yd. range, if time allows. Special Match will be determined later.

match one: 50 round (course "B") John C. Garand Match, 5 sighters, 20 shots prone slow, 10 shots prone rapid, 10 shots sitting rapid, 10 shots offhand, all on 5V targets. Targets will be scored and pasted in between stages.

match two: 40 round Carbine Match...5 sighters, 10 prone slow, 10 prone rapid, 10 sitting, and 10 offhand, all on 100 yard (or 200 yard) SR target. Targets will not be scored or pasted in between stages.

Bonus Points: Just bring $5 for rent.

Awards: The Traveling Trophy will be awarded for high scoring Blue and Gray club member in the John C. Garand Match, Gold, Silver and Bronze CMP pins will also be awarded.

A plaque will be awarded to the high scorer in the Carbine Match. Gold, Silver, and Bronze CMP pins will also be awarded.

A nice cardboard plaque will possibly be awarded in the Bonus Points Match. No Gold, Silver, or Bronze, pins will be awarded here, just points...they might come in handy.

Overall winner: Combined scores from the Garand Match, Carbine Match, and Bonus Match could possibly win something, if we have anything left over.


1. No alibis...be ready for malfunctions.

2. You can fire your own ammo in this match. Issue ammunition (.30 cal.) is at club cost.

3. Loaner Garands and Carbines should be available, if we can find some. Any loaner guns must fire issued ammo, if requested by owner.

4. All rifles must meet with CMP rules. Rifles will be checked. Rifles must be CMP Games legal.

5. deleted

6. Bring water and snacks, or lunch, or whatever you think that you will need.

7. To save time...Bring a staple gun, and a pen. If you are not in a hurry, bring one anyway.

8. Got any stuff to sell? Bring it for a swap meet after the match.

Match Fees:
Garand Match $20 Carbine Match $15 Bonus Points Match $5
cash or check made out to "cash", no NRA "crazy bucks"

Remember, All proceeds from this match go toward getting the Service Rifle Team to the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.


questions??? asrt@hiwaay.net

Distinguished Rifleman
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Enemy of all chipmunks
Distinguished Rifleman
Presidents 100
High Master
Enemy of all chipmunks
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