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Old 12-02-2020, 01:51 PM
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As previously stated it depends on what you plan to so. In addition to the combination wrench, you should get the bolt assembly/disassembly fixture. Check Ebay - as they a generally less expensive than Brownells, etc. ($42.50 versus $59.99)
Another useful tool is the flash hider nut tool, especially if you intend to replace the flash hider with one having a lug versus the emasculated ones on current M1As.

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Old 12-04-2020, 05:55 AM
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Originally Posted by jayej2156 View Post
My venture in to Garands, & my M1A started about 4 years ago. I soon realized that without a capable gunsmith, & a fist full of dollars, I would have to learn how to maintain, & do some work on these beauties myself, which I have learned to enjoy, as my knowledge gets better, in very much in part to this forum. Just curious as to how long it took for others to acquire the needed tools, & confidence to work on your stuff.
My first M1A was a SA NM purchased around 1998. All USGI parts on that puppy.

I really grew to love that rifle and still have it though I really don't shoot at all these days.

In terms of working on it, learning the basic to maintain it was a non-issue for me.

Beyond that? I never really felt the urge to get more involved than basic disassembly/cleaning. I simply am not that mechanically inclined and am more prone to break something while fixing it. Im better off paying others to do more complicated things but the trick is finding a competent person that is willing to do stuff. Lots of gunsmiths out there, but many are not to be trusted I've learned.
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Old 12-04-2020, 06:46 AM
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The good thing about a gun hobby and quality tools is they can often be adapted and used for many other guns in the future. Iíve been building and modifying guns for 30+ years now and I still buy tools for a new project.

Over the years I have built things like a semiauto 1919a4, Stamped receiver AK-47s from flats, rebarreled Ruger Revolvers, Change Single Action grip frames (harder than you might assume), Rebarreled Remington 700s, Assembled FnFALs, and built Garands and a M1 carbine from stripped receivers. I need to get my 1903s done so I can add them to the list and I likely missed others.

There are lots of good books and there are tips and tricks to everything. Some are quite tricky like learning to rivet to do a 1919a4 or AKM, others are so easy itís silly like an AR-15. Keep learning and trying to do new stuff but you will need new tools along the way!
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