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Old 03-30-2021, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by navyrifleman View Post
The most accurate high power rifle I ever shot was my National Match M-14. I was still on active duty and the rifle was issued to me from the Naval Weapons Center at Crane, Indiana where their match armorers had produced it from an issue rifle.

The selector switch had been permanently altered or disabled, so there was no full automatic mode available.

It had an oversize walnut stock that had been quarter sawn, so the grain seen from the side was tight and straight. Of course it had been glass bedded. The barrel was a heavy stainless steel match one. Sights looked like the issue type, but were of Match grade with interim clicks. There were other modifications also to make it a very tight gun.

We used the leather issue slings which were always new and NOT oiled. Magazines were new issue 20 round types which were marked for use with 2 or eight rounds in the timed fire events.

The rifle was on the heavy side when compared to a hunting rifle or even an issue M-14, but what a tack driver!

Also shot an issue match grade 14 in competition while in the Army in early '60's...our rifles fit your general description, but were not permanently modified to SA...stocks were glassed, sights were NM. Notably the bores were not plated.

As you say, rifles were damned good shooters and it was no real chore to hold center at 100 meters offhand.........in point of fact it got to be a game to shoot the spotting disk on a center hit.

Frankly, I'm only sorry that I could not figure out how to swipe mine as it damned well would be on my wall now........notably, we were forbidden to break down ours for cleaning...just the stock bore wipe and turn her in.

Originally Posted by cdj7097 View Post
If you cut off the auto lug you have an M14/M1A. Which shows the agenda of denying the public more rifles. The "once rule" really shows the stupidity of the ruling. That lug and another small cut on the receiver as we all know is the only thing that seperates the M1A from the M14, with exception of course of the dangerous receiver markings.
You forgot to mention the 'slice' cut on the receiver (front receiver underside) for the operating trip rod and the 'tit' on the sear's right side.
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