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Old 03-30-2016, 07:07 PM
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Default ARMS scope mount problems

I've been reading these threads for awhile and thinking maybe you guys can help me out. I had my kit built on an early Fulton receiver years ago and bought an arms mount and rings. The rifle shoots great using the iron sights but when I mount the scope my groups are huge and inconsistent. I did not use locktite. The scope has worked well for me on other rifles. It's a Trijicon. My question is were some of the early Fulton receivers sold as blems, and if so, would it involve the mating surface on the side where the mounts are located? My receiver is FA000382.
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Old 03-31-2016, 05:31 AM
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First off, your receiver may be a bit out, but more than likely it's the mount too. You have to have clearance everywhere but the pyramid, for lack of a better term, and the two splines.

Here's how I do it.

Loosen set screw and back out the front pad on the mount to flush with mount bottom.

Remove rear keeper and screws from back of mount.

Blacken inside of mount and splines, pyramid, and even along whole left inside of mount, using Dykem or black marker.

Screw mount onto receiver with mounting screw and tighten gently.

Hold rifle up to the light and make sure there is clearance on stripper clip guide dovetail at back, with light coming through, and clearance up front where you backed out the pad disk.

Fire a few rounds sighting off the top of the mount.

Remove mount and watch for any marks where the black is rubbed off, other than the splines or pyramid.

Remove offending areas from mount and repeat process if needed.

Once clear, reinstall mount and attach rear mount, after tightening mounting screw on the side you cleared. Make sure gap is still clear at rear and after tightening.

Screw down front pad until firm contact is made with receiver and install set screw. Use blue loctite on all screws.

Go shoot.

Let us know how it goes.........rip
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Old 03-31-2016, 09:27 PM
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Wisconsin
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Thanks M14. I will give this a try. I appreciate the detailed instructions.
Semper Fi, Bill
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