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Old 07-29-2021, 01:05 PM
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You said: "If it was manufactured 50 years or more from today's date it's a c&r period."
The "period" means end of internet discussion.
You can't later add, and I quote again: "If an M1903 was converted to a sporter more than 50 years ago...it's a c&r."

But I will point out that you have shown that there are many factors other than "50 years" which affect a C&R status. That's why a lawyer or BATFE employee will ask questions, hear answers, ask more questions, until they have the details to make the call for each situation.

FYI, I don't need to do any checking because I'm very specifically not giving advice on C&R matters, as always I am directing people to a safe source and suggesting that this (internet, gun forum, CMP forum, whatever) is a BAD place for BATFE advice. Period.
It's disappointing that an FFL is giving incorrect, fragmented and confusing information regarding C&R legalities on a forum, but it's the internet, so you get what you pay for.
None of the other factoids you posed are related to this thread, and either way, the OP has his solution and said what he will do.

For the rest; don't get advice here, get it from the BATF&E; if after reading the documents on the AFT website you still have questions, simply contact them. It's not hard, it's not complicated, and free is much better than the cost if you act on mistaken, insufficient or intentionally incorrect advice. I have seen all 3 of those on the CMP forum over the years, along with correct answers. If you asked in the first place how can you pick the good from the very, very bad?
Some people have PMed me asking for advice because "I sound like I know what I'm talking about". Nice compliments, but still no! You don't know me, and are not in a paid attorney-client or talking to a BATFE guy relationship, so I'm still a guy on the gin forum with a confusing username.

Seriously, no need to get worked up; if you think you know better, do that. But if you get advice from the internet gun forum that will not help when you explain to justify something wrong. "But your honor, a guy with a cool username and a high post count on the internet gun forum said it was ok. In fact, HE YELLED at some other posters because he knew more". Judge" "OK, What is his name and source of knowledge"? "I don't know his name, he goes by "soverigncitizen6969" and says he lives off the grid".

Hate my posts if you like; if I steer one person away from a costly mistake then it's worth it. Get advice here on drawing numbers and cartouches and best Garand grease and who sells the best parts; if you get bad advice you are only out a few $$.


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