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Old 10-04-2022, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by lapriester View Post
The only criteria to determine a worn out barrel is how it measures with accurate gauges and whether it continues to shoot accurately. Accurately means 2-4 MOA with few flyers. If it does, the number of rounds put through it are irrelevant. Nobody, not even GCA, can accurately determine 10k rounds means a worn out barrel that needs replacement. Whoever may have written that there should stick with facts not speculation.

Many would tell you that the TE and MW can increase 1+ numhers for each 1000 rounds fired. From personal experience with my own match Garand I can tell you that's total BS. I have about 3k through the 65 SA barrel on my match IHC that started it's new life at 1.0 MW, 1.5 TE. It now measures well below 1.5 MW and below 2 TE with no noticeable decrease in accuracy.

Now, there's no doubt that if you constantly load hot with M2 ball bullets, then rapid fire and rapid reload you will see more wear. That's why, during the war, they needed field arsenal rebuild centers to repair and rebarrel rifles.

Another notable fact is that many brand spanking new SA barrels measure 2 or 2+ right out of the wrap.

Before you get too critical here..........I'd look at their articles about this.
IIRC, and I could be wrong, but they actually shot the 10,000rds in rifles to then post the results.

Their findings maybe far more accurate than you simply dismissing them out of hand.
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