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Old 08-15-2012, 11:46 AM
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Default Mann Device Saved my rifle

I put my 5.56 Rem Mann device in a "half stock" to play with while I tried to figure out how I was going to make a rest.

I use it to test ammo finding a good load for my White Oak Upper Service Rifle but found another use.

To back up a bit, in 1978 I went to the AMU Sniper School as a member of the Alaska National Guard. Then to get into the course you had to assure the AMU that you would apply what you learned in starting a sniper program in your home unit. I did that with the AK NG. At the same time I was in LE and decided to start a program there.

With the guidance of the AMU (and their LE Counter-Sniper Guide I put together a Remington M-700 Varmint in 223. I used that rifle until I retired in 1994. I also used it in my NG Schools. Now were both retired and I use it for prairie dogs 'n such.

I shot the crap out of it in the last 35 years or so and was thinking I needed a new barrel but reluctant because of its history.

In playing with my Mann, I would shoot one of my other 223s and then try to see how the spent brass worked in the (zero headspace). My AR's of course didn't come close to fitting, but I could get the bolt to close fairly easily on brass from my 35 year old Remington.

Then using the Mann, played with ammo until I got some good loads and then ran them through the Remington. I found that sucker shot as good as it ever did. I was also quite surprised how well my 1:12 shot the 64 Gn Speer Gold Dot for LE since a 1:12 isn't suppose to shoot heavier bullets.

THEN I made some Mexican Match, pulling the 64s and stuffing in some 52 Gr Sierras. I can only say WOW.

I guess the Mann is for more then just collecting a piece of history. Saved me from ruining a great rifle with a history of its own.

Shoot by not rebarreling my Remington, I paid about half the price of the Mann. Maybe I didn't spend too much money for it after all.
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