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Old 10-24-2011, 11:29 PM
AZTrooper110 AZTrooper110 is offline
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Great info, thank you. I just purchased a rack grade at the Western Games, looks like I got one with a correct barrel, and had quite a few correct parts on it.

The Poyer Book has a lot of good info, I just bought the Duff book, and was disappointed. Duff should put out a new edition on his post war book with updates.
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Old 12-17-2011, 09:37 PM
Gun Tuner Gun Tuner is offline
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Anything for 5,60XXX?
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Old 01-17-2012, 10:59 PM
MiDodgeguy MiDodgeguy is offline
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Who has 5633307?
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Old 01-26-2012, 11:59 PM
96Delta 96Delta is offline
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Will get info to you after strip and clean operation.

But I can tell you that my stock is wierd.
It looks like GI wood but has no DoD stamp
and a number "2" spamped inder the pistol group.

Wonder where this came from??
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Old 03-08-2012, 09:50 PM
Mac O tac Mac O tac is offline
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Over the last year or two it seems that many to include this chart exclude the gas cylinder. Please do not think that I do not appreciate the time, effort, and generosity behind it being available. I am just curious as to why the Gas Cylinder is not mentioned or how to ID one from the other. At best it seems like folks just mention wide vs narrow. From my small amount of research. It seems like the true HRA GCs are kinda shiny looking and have perfectly centered peen marks in the stacking swivel screw but, that is all my speculation. Someone please elaborate.

Thanks for all of the great info.

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Old 03-11-2012, 04:54 AM
CSeattle CSeattle is offline
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HRA Service Grade
MW: 1+, TE: 2

Make: HRA
S/N: 5614829
drawing: 65
Heat Lot: C
Barrel: HRA 5-55 RS52
Bolt: D 28287-2 SA
Op Rod: HRA
Windage: HRA-W
Elev. HRA
Front Sight: 3/4"
Safety: SA 11
Hammer: SA D5546008
Trig. Hsng.: 6528290-SA
Lock Screw: HRA O
DAS: 3/8
Ferrule Hole: ?
Buttplate Border: Yes
Door Plunger: Round
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Old 03-22-2012, 06:40 PM
SConnor SConnor is offline
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Location: Toledo, OH
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CMP Field Grade

SN-5663171 65
Barrel- HRA 65 7-55 RS62
Bolt-6528287 HRA U
Op-Rod- 7790722 SA
Front sight-9/16"
Hammer-HRA 5546008
Trigger housing- 65 HRA N
Lock Screw HRA O
DAS 1/2"
Buttplate Border Yes
Door Plunger Round
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Old 03-28-2012, 10:18 AM
ROCKOLA30 ROCKOLA30 is offline
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4761915 with letter a right under number one in ser. No.
heat lot unclear
barrelhra 6-54 me1 te2
bolt d65 hra u
op rod hra
windage nhc
elevation hra
ft sight 3/4
safety hra
hammer hra c65
trigger housing 65sa
lock screw p x
das on stock has 2 one is 3/8 & one is 1/2 next to each other.
Butt plate with border
rounded door plunger
very early dcm rifle came out of rock island.
Electro pencil marked on leg s.a. 1-65
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Old 06-13-2012, 08:15 AM
JumpingJackFlash JumpingJackFlash is offline
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Manufacturer: HRA
SN: 5640872
Purchased: 2/1/2012
Source: CMP, SG
Receiver Drawing: 6528291
Heat Lot?: N (stamped above the drawing number)
Barrel: HRA 6535448 5 55 RS52
Bolt: 6528287-SA A15
Rear Sight Aperture: HRA, pattern 1/2 way down low
Windage Knob: DRC (on side)
Elev. Knob: HRA (along numbers)

Trigger Housing: 6528290-HRA N
Trigger Housing Pad: .205"
Trigger Housing Hole: Cloverleaf
Trigger Guard: HRA
Hammer: HRA 5546008, marked on front

Extractor: Type 2
Gas Cylinder: Type 2C
Lock: Type 3B, low hump
Lock Screw: HRA
Bullet Guide: Type 5
Follower: Type 2F, late HRA
Follower Rod: Type 5

Oprod: Type 11, 7790722 SA
Oprod Catch: Type 2
Oprod Spring: Round

Stock: Type 2D SA
DAS: 1/2", stamped upside down
Proof: Serif "P"
Ferrule: Type 2, Variation 3
Rear Hand Guard: Type 2
Rear Hand Guard Clip: Type 3

Butt Plate: Late SA, Type 2
Long Screw: Type 1

I have since replaced the bolt with an D6525287 HRA / *U*. If I am lucky, I can get ahold of an HRA oprod and stock.

10-13-2012 - I have since replaced the SA oprod with an HRA 6535382 Type 10 oprod.

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Old 06-14-2012, 01:43 AM
Northwoods Trader Northwoods Trader is offline
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Rolling Thunder,

Do you by any chance have a chart for HRA's in the 5.57 / 5.58 range? These seem to be the common range of #s coming out of the N/S.


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