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Old 08-10-2021, 08:16 PM
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Default 75th Anniversary

Camp Perry 1946

This drawing appeared in the March 1943 American Rifleman.

by Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist James T. Berryman, and was donated and repurposed for 1946 Small bore Camp Perry
You can see on below the drawing, it says "For American Rifleman Mar"

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Old 09-10-2021, 08:49 PM
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Old 09-18-2021, 07:51 AM
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The matches might not have been held if not for the work of World War I veteran Edward Dobscha of Willoughby, Ohio. Dobscha, a well known rifleman, had been a member of the 1941 Dewar Team and would again win a spot in 1946 as well.

In recognition of Dobscha’s efforts Frank Kahrs, who was the public relations manager for Remington Arms and a former staff writer for the Rifleman, asked James T. Berryman, then the Art Director for the American Rifleman Magazine to create a cartoon for presentation to Dobscha.

Prominent among the 65 or so match participants who signed the cartoon before it was presented to Dobscha were:

*Thurman Randle: President of the NRA and donor of the Randle Trophy
*John Unertl: famed rifle scope manufacturer
*Harold D. Allyn: well known Massachusetts rifleman
*Al Freeland: shooting equipment innovator
*Garret Wayne Moore: 1946 and 1947 National Prone Champion
*Bob Moore: cousin of G. Wayne and the 1958 National Prone Champion at Camp Perry and the first winner of the Lister Cup in 1952 as National Indoor 4-Position Champion.
*Sam Bond: the senior prone trophy at the national prone championship is named in honor of this shooting equipment innovator
*Rans Triggs: 1941 National Prone Champion
*Bill Schweitzer: noted rifleman and benefactor of the sport for whom the national civilian prone championship award is named.
*The Tekulsky brothers, Sam and Erwin: noted New York Riflemen
*The Lacy Brothers, Jack and Jim: Distinguished Connecticut Riflemen
*Francis O’Hare: the son of Paddy O’Hare shooting equipment supplier and shooter in his own right
*Eric Johnson: 1921 National Prone Champion and noted Connecticut barrel maker
*Russ Wiles, Jr.: RIG company president, rifleman, and the founder of the Black Hawk Rifle Club
*Jim Crossman: firearms writer, Distinguished Rifleman, National Match official
*John Wark: Pershing Team member
*Bill Woodring: Perishing Team member, world champion team member and the only person to win three consecutive US national prone titles
*Kay Woodring: first US female international rifle shooter, wife of Bill Woodring
*Marianne Driver: the Grande Dame of US Randle Teams
Vincent Tiefenbrunn: smallbore shooter Winchester-Western/Western executive
*Charles Hamby: noted Atlanta, Georgia rifleman
*“Tiny” Helwig: Winchester employee and noted rifleman
*A.L. Darkrow: mainstay of Akron, Ohio’s Zeppelin Rifle Club
*Earl Saunders: Kentucky rifleman and many times member of the Dewar Team
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Old 09-18-2021, 09:20 AM
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I’m amazed regarding the penmanship of the signatures…My signature looks like crap…and I hear that young folk aren’t even learning cursive writing anymore….

Enough of my ranting - that’s a really neat picture, made even neater by the well-known folk that signed it! Thanks for posting that!
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Old 09-22-2021, 02:40 PM
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Thanks much for the small bore history lesson!
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