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Old 02-11-2020, 08:56 PM
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Default Virginia legislation

I've read every version of the Senate and House bills since the first one was filed in December. None contained any language that to the effect, "capable of holding a magazine" of a given number rounds in regards to defining an "assault weapon."

The original bill would have outlawed "assault weapons." Then they changed it to "grandfather" those currently held, but with registration. Now even that has gone by the wayside. Looks like they will settle for just banning the new sale of such guns, but you can keep what you have with no registration.

Magazine limit has gone from 10 rounds to 12 rounds.

Someone mentioned the California magazine ban; what I understand from various news sources: Last year District Court Judge Benitez threw out the magazine ban. The state appealed to the 9th Circuit and Judge Benitiz reinstated the ban while the appeal was pending. A three judge panel in the 9th Circuit heard the case and upheld Judge Benitez's ruling that the magazine ban was unconstitutional. The state promptly appealed again so now the case will have to be heard by the full 9th Circuit. How long that will take is anybody's quess.

In Virginia yesterday, the current House Bill, HB 961, passed 51 to 48. All 45 Republicans voted against it along with three Democrats. (House of Delegates has 100 members; 45 Republicans and 55 Democrats.) Now it goes to the Senate.

The Senate has 40 members; 19 Republicans and 21 Democrats. Just need two Democrats to vote against it.
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