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Default 29 Palms Marine Corps Base 63rd Annual Matches Nov. 17 - 20, 2022 RESULTS

29 Palms Results 2022

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your patience on this match report, Shortly after the matches I contracted whatever the heck is going around and was down and out for 7 days and am just starting to feel well again.

Again, let’s give a hand to the Marine Corps Base of 29 Palms MCAGCC who WELCOME us with arms wide open year after year after year !!!!!
Thanks to Major General Austin “Sparky” Renforth USMC.
Thanks to Mr. Ed Folts, GySgt USMC retired.
Thanks to Gunner Tucker USMC.
Thanks to SSgt’s Horrocks USMC.
Thanks to SSgt Neubert USMC.
And, I saw with my own eyes, SSgt Neubert smile !!!!! It took until Saturday/Sunday though. LOL.

The matches went very well.

Thursday’s 1000 yard results follow with the winners being:
Maury Krupp winning the Vintage Rifle match with a 512.6 using an iron sighted M1 Garand !
Gunny Mayer (USMC) winning the service rifle division with a 542.6
Marco Rojas, bad-arse Devil Dog of old winning the match rifle division with a 534.1
Louis Murdica topping the F-Class rifles with a 584.16
Top military shooter for the day was Major Andrew Novak (USAF) with a 551.11. NOTE: I knew the Major was a “ringer” when he came to the match innocently saying he had never shot 1000 yard before…smile….

Did you know Lou Murdica is a YouTube star in the shooting field? I just discovered him in several Eric Cortina videos there.

Fridays winners were:
Vintage Rifle: Maury Krupp 453.2
Service Rifle: Steve Newcomer 539.9
Match Rifle: Marco Rojas 542.12
F-Class Rifle: Lou Murdica 587.17
Top Military: GySgt Mayer (USMC) 525.6

Thursday/Friday Aggregate awards go to:
Vintage Rifle: Maury Krupp 965.8
Service Rifle: Steve Newcomer 1069.18
Match Rifle: Marco Rojas 1076.13
F-Class Rifle: Lou Murdica 1171.33
Top Military: GySgt Mayer (USMC) 1067.12

Trophies awarded Friday include:
McVey Memorial Trophy is awarded to the top Military competitor with any rifle any sight in matches 1 and 4 and was won by GySgt Mayer (USMC) with a 367.4

Stockinger Memorial trophy is awarded to the top civilian competitor with any rifle any sight in matches 2 & 5 and was won by Louis Murdica with a 388.11

Onslow Memorial Trophy is awarded to the top service rifle competitor using a sling, military or civilian, and was won by Steve Newcomer with a 352.4

The Commanding Generals’ Aggregate trophy, matches 1 through 6, was won by Louis Murdica with a 1171.33

Team matches occurred after the three 1000 yard matches on Friday and consisted of four team members each shooting 20 shots at 1000 yards.

Winning the Doyle D. Gracey Memorial Trophy were “The Cheaters” with a 724.12. Members of the team were:
GySgt Mayer (USMC)
Sgt Bowman (USMC)
Craig DeBrine
Brandon DiBella

Top Military Team were the “Radio Dogs” of the 1st Radio Btln out of Camp Pendleton with a 645.0 Team members being:
Cpl Chea (USMC)
Cpl Kirksey (USMC)
LCpl Wright (USMC)
LCpl Chatmon (USMC)

Top F-Class team, Santa Margarita Gun Club, with a 773.29 consisted of:
Lou Murdica
Cameron Snow
John “Jack” Lindsey
Walter Lange

His best performance ever and I never saw him happier!!!!
He will now be taking that barrel off to save it for South Africa where he will represent the United Sates of America in the F-Class World Nationals.

Saturday began as normal for 29 Palms, cold and sunny,
Awards for the 80 shot Across the Course (XTC) Match are as follows:
Top Vintage Rifle: Jim Ritchie 663.06
Top Military Competitor: Sgt Harry Hall (USA) 750.10
Top Service Rifle Competitor: Trace Weisenburger 780.26

The Proof Trophy, in gold, silver, and bronze consists of the first ten shots in standing, the first 10 in sitting rapid and the first ten in prone rapid and all 20 shots at slow prone 600 were awarded to:
Gold: Trace Weisenburger 486.16
Silver: Jeff Hansen 485.16
Bronze: Brandon DiBella 479.12

High Standing award goes to:
Trace Weisenburger with a 191.2

High Sitting rapid goes to:
Trace Weisenburger with a 199.10

High Prone rapid goes to:
Jeff Hansen with a 199.10

High Slow Prone at 600 goes to:
Jeff Hansen 194.08

Match Winner was:
Trace Weisenburger with a 780.26

Second place goes to:
Jeff Hansen with a 763.24

Third place to:
Brandon DiBella with a 760.14 (Using an iron sighted M1A !!!!)

The Gorchinski Memorial trophy is awarded to the top-shot in all of Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s matches and that was:
Steve Newcomer with a 1803.27

Sunday is the day for the Excellence in Competition Matches (EIC) and we began with the rifle matches.

Thirty-nine (39) shooters competed.
A shout out to the several new shooters who weren’t afraid to take that first step into a competitive event and joined us that day. How enjoyable it was to see the enthusiasm and excitement in their faces and thanks also to the DR’s who let them borrow their equipment and gave up a day of shooting to allow a newbie to shoot!

Topping the competitors was:
Trace Weisenburger with a 492.24
NOTE: Trace is NOT yet Distinguished, can you believe it !? But sadly, he had already shot the maximum number of EIC’s in 2022 (which is 5) and was thus ineligible to earn EIC points this day.

Next up was Jeff Hansen with a 488.18. Jeff is already a Distinguished Rifleman.

First Non-Distinguished was Joely Pratt with a 477.01. Joely turned 19 years old the day before the EIC and this was her first time EVER shooting an XTC match at full distance…what a superstar !!!!
She earned a 10 point gold, and a hard leg!

Next came Sgt Harry Hall (USA) with a 466.08. Harry is already a Distinguished Rifleman (and Distinguished Pistol shot and as you will shortly read, a Distinguished 22 rimfire pistol shot too !!!!)

Second place Non-Distinguished was Mark Maynard with a 475.13. Mark earned a silver, a hard leg, and 8 points bringing him to 28 points. His other points were all earned at Camp Perry. That is some fine shooting!!!!

Third place Non-Distinguished goes to Jacob Patino with a 470.10 and he earned himself a bronze and 6 points bringing him to 10 points total. 1/3 of the way there Jacob !!!!

Patrick McCallister shot a 469.14 and wrapped up the legs with a bronze and 6 points. His very first points !!!!

Alex Takaoka came in right behind with a 468.8 and received “first leather”.

A new award, sponsored by the Marine Corps League Marksmanship Detachment, awarded to the top Marine or FMF Corpsman was won by Sgt Rush (USMC). Sgt Rush used a stock M4 out of the Armory to win this award !

Next came the pistol EIC’s.

In Service Pistol we had one competitor earn points. That was Brandon DiBella shooting a 253.2
First leather was George Carr with a 245.3

In 22 Rimfire pistol Sgt Harry Hall (USA) topped the field with a 279.8 and with those 6 points is now Distinguished in 22 rimfire pistol and TRIPLE DISTINGUISHED !!!!
First leather was George Carr with a 263.3

Semper Fi,
Jeff Lovat
1 December 2022
"A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition."
Rudyard Kipling

Distinguished Rifleman 2383
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Thanks for posting!
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