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Old 12-03-2022, 04:08 PM
Logman Logman is offline
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Default Early 1903 circa 1906

I've seen some early 1903's discussed recently so I thought I would share mine. If I have my facts straight (correct me if not), this was originally built in 30-03 caliber with the 1905 blade bayonet modification using a modified (plugged) rod bayonet stock. Then, sometime later I'm guessing circa '09 - '10 it was further modified to 30-06 caliber by shortening and re-chambering the barrel and shortening the stock, upgrading the rear sight to the solid bottom base with a modification again to the stock to accept new base & adding rear recoil bolt. Also, along the way someone installed a civilian Lyman front blade sight. Other notes: the front sight base is pinned in the front, the trigger guard has been modified with a pin to restrict forward travel and marked with an S, no clip hand guard market S, Bolt heat lot S.

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Old 12-03-2022, 04:31 PM
Tothemax Tothemax is offline
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Old 12-03-2022, 04:45 PM
Pete Davis Pete Davis is offline
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Jealousy, here.

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Old 12-03-2022, 04:46 PM
1563621 1563621 is offline
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Beautiful stock. Nice early survivor!!
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Old 12-03-2022, 05:58 PM
John Beard John Beard is offline
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Here are several comments.

(1) The stock was not a rod bayonet stock. The stock is from a 1905 Modification (i.e., knife bayonet) rifle in .30-'03 caliber. And the stock was indeed shortened and the old screw hole plugged.

(2) The barrel apparently came from a rod bayonet rifle and was originally unmarked and undated. The barrel was, subsequently, removed from the rod bayonet rifle, altered to 1905 Modification (knife bayonet) rifle configuration in .30-'03 caliber, marked, dated, and re-fitted to another rifle. And in the 1909-10 period, the barrel was removed again, updated, altered to .30-'06 caliber, and re-fitted to your rifle.

(3) The "A" beneath the barrel date indicates that the barrel was once issued for service, returned, inspected, found serviceable, and marked with an "A" to indicate fit for re-use.

Thanks for sharing! And Happy Holidays!


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Old 12-03-2022, 06:17 PM
MGMKS MGMKS is offline
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Thank-you for sharing such an interesting rifle with such nice pictures!
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Old 12-03-2022, 08:51 PM
BRMPCF50 BRMPCF50 is offline
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Here is a close relative, also with a “short” barrel

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Old 12-03-2022, 09:43 PM
bayoned bayoned is offline
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A wonderful '03 !
Love to have it in my collection !
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Old 12-04-2022, 09:16 AM
Rick the Librarian Rick the Librarian is offline
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I agree with John, the stock was not a former Rod Bayonet stock. A very interesting one with the original inspection stamp (J. Sumner Adams) quite readable.
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Old 12-09-2022, 02:19 PM
togor togor is offline
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That's a keeper! Always fun to see the platinum wire inlays. And those pre-war rifles are put together so very tight!!
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