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Old 02-18-2014, 01:23 AM
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Default Switching from Sporter to Precision

This blog is at the request of a high school rifle coach. This is what we are here for.

Wanting to switch from the Sporter class to the Precision class? Well, let's go over some things you need to know before doing so as well as what you need in order to be as successful as possible.

First thing is first, what is your reasoning? Are you switching your entire program away from sporter to precision or are you just adding a precision team and wanting to know when is the best time to move your shooter up?

Sporter is an extremely important part of a shooter's development. Not everyone starts there but it is one of the foundational starting points that will benefit them in the long run. (Note: I will also equate BB to sporter as the best ways to start your young one in this sport)

If you are looking for cost effectiveness and can only have one team, then stay with sporter. The guns are cheaper, there is less equipment and gear required, and when a gun breaks, it won't break your school's or your department's fundraising budget to get it fixed. A sporter rifle varies from $180 to $500 in cost.

We can discuss that in detail in a different blog. Having said that, let's get to what is needed to switch to precision.

First, in case you don't have one, grab yourself a 2012-2014 CMP National Standard 3-Position Air Rifle Rule Book and make sure you study the rules. You want to be sure you are knowledgeable on the precision specific rules before you start telling your shooters what they can or cannot do. Make sure you visit the CMP website regularly for rule changes and updates too.

Coaches, the CMP put a lot of work into supporting you the best way possible by putting a ton of resources on their website. Check it out here!

Next, the rifle and gear.

For rifles, I am listing three different manufacturers. All are wood stock. Personal recommendation when starting a shooter in the precision class is for them to shoot with a wood stock. There are just enough gadgets to comfortably customize the gun for them, but not so many that they are adjusting a different piece after each training session. At all levels of talent, when a shooter gets in a slump or has a bad day, they tend to search for something on their gun to change. Avoid that by purchasing one of these models for your club or high school team. All of these models are available on the CMP website. Ensure you look at the requirements to purchase (CMP affiliate requirements).

1. Feinwerkbau 500 ($1275)

2. Anschutz 8001 ($1770)

3. Walther LG300 ($1595)

Basic shooting accessories needed: (some stuff may be used by both sporter and precision)

- prone mat
- kneeling roll
- sling (precision slings are generally more expensive, and are leather or synthetic)
- glove (recommend an even split of fingerless and full-fingered. As a coach, you can identify whether they are giving the gun the death grip in prone and kneeling with fingerless. Full-fingered generally offers more padding or height in standing.
- shooting jacket (precision only) If your budget is very restrictive, go with at least a jacket for your shooters. Have them wear their own pants and they can shoot in socks or their own flat shoes.
- shooting pants (precision only)
- shooting boots (precision only)
- under armour top and bottom
- sweatshirt
- ear plugs
- offhand stand
- blinders (can be made, check rulebook for measurement restrictions)
- Star tools/hex keys to make adjustments to the rifle

Extras (not required):
- shooting hats/visors
- shooting glasses (not eye protection, I'm talking prescription lens carriers)
- really anything not on the above list

Now obviously, your first shopping stop for any of these items should be the CMP Estore. You can find many of the items there and if the estore doesn't carry it, check with Creedmoor Sports. If you still can't find what you need, other websites to look include Pilk Guns, Champion's Choice & 10pt9.

Join our CMP Forum & Target Talk for places where people are selling gear and guns. Great place to piece together equipment when you're on a budget.

Encourage you to use the links above for resources on making your shooters better, especially "Coaching Young Rifle Shooters" by Gary Anderson. Another book that was basically the shooter's bible for 3P is called "Ways of the Rifle" which I think you can snag on amazon or ebay.

Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list and there is MUCH more depth that we could go into, but I figured I would keep this pretty broad and basic. We can always cover specific topics in more detail per request.

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