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Old 11-14-2021, 06:57 PM
shayman30 shayman30 is offline
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Default Need some advice to finish my rifle...

I've shot the wooden rifle matches (M1, Springfield, Vintage, M1A) for the last 6 years with my dad and I am finally getting into AR world (as far as competitive shooting that is). Tried to convince my dad to do the same as well but he isn't going for it....

I picked up a CMP RRA 20 inch complete upper at the matches last year, put a NM RRA trigger in an AERO lower, and have a UBR Gen 2 stock. The last piece is the optic. What are the recommendations? here is what I've seen....

White Oak Scope $900

March Optics 1-4.5 MTR-D3 Reticle $2k


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Old 11-14-2021, 08:29 PM
ceresco ceresco is offline
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No idea at what level or venue you expect to shoot..... when scopes first became legal, I watched a military team member win an EIC at the Oklahoma CMP Games using an old Weaver K scope. I suggest broadening your list of possible optics and assessing your needs. Keeping in mind that while more is generally better; once you have 4x magnification and more or less reliable adjustments, more won't help you much unless you are winning matches. Good Shooting. ...
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Old 11-15-2021, 01:21 AM
Bml Bml is offline
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We are doing very good with the WOA with their lens reducer mounted in a PRI mount. Having the mount low enough and the lens reducer helps with consistent head position. It won’t be holding you back. The only complaint is the dot is too small for many shooters. I use the dot for standing and the ring for 600.

If I had the money, it would be a Night Force in the Geisselle mount. It is a small scope compared to the WOA. I have three times the cost of equipment and ammo with my kids and myself.
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Old 11-15-2021, 10:44 AM
Rootsy Rootsy is online now
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I legged out and won countless stuff, even at a National level using a custom Leupold VXR and a Leupold WOA FXII. In the end neither was truly robust in tracking and zeroes always drifted a bit and adjustments weren’t always precise. In 2018 I went to NF with the SR2 and haven’t had those issues since. I don’t exactly love the reticle but I have gotten used to it. The FXII w/ .88 moa dot was by far my favorite.
Michigan Rifle & Pistol Assoc - State High Power Director
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Old 11-17-2021, 08:46 PM
shayman30 shayman30 is offline
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Location: Western NY
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Appreciate the comments. I plan on shooting in the President's 100 and getting into some EIC matches. I know some of the top end stuff is pricey but I figure buy once, cry once....
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Old 11-24-2021, 04:41 PM
dw617 dw617 is online now
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I run the nightforce Sr2, but if I was getting into it now I would be using the white oak scope. I even bought one this summer! Might switch to it next year.
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Old 11-25-2021, 03:52 PM
MAC702 MAC702 is offline
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Don't knock the Vortex Viper. For the money saved, you can buy a lot of ammo or components and get to the level where you then might better appreciate the difference.

I like the small dot in the middle of the reticle for making easy, immediate Kentucky adjustments instead of clicking over sometimes.
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