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Old 04-02-2020, 12:20 PM
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Default If you want all of your Imgur photos to open and be viewed in thread.

Imgur picture hosting procedure for a computer.

This procedure will allow you to place all the photos you want into your thread all at once and be visible as a picture rather than a series of links. No need for viewer to click on each link (back and forth).

First, you will need to create an Imgur account if not already registered as a member.


-Take photos. I use camera image size of 6MP, down from 24MP. This will increase the upload speed. Six is plenty.

-Go to Pictures Library and make a folder with an appropriate name to house the photos to go in your thread.

-Upload the pics from your phone or camera memory card into this folder. (Or you can go straight from your memory card)

-Before you open Imgur, you may want to start your thread on CMP, write your text, and skip a space to make room for your images. Your cursor should be flashing 1 space below your text and that is where you will be pasting the pictures.

-In a new tab, Open Imgur

-Click “+ new post” It’s in the green box upper left

-You’ll see a new screen with “Drop images here” and below that “Choose photo/video….”

-Click “Choose photos” This will allow you to do a browse of your picture folders or your memory card. Find the one you have chosen above.

-From the folder or card, select your pics you want to place in your thread (hold the CTRL key while you click on your selections)

-Once all the images have been highlighted/selected, Click open

-Images will start to upload, Wait for every picture to be uploaded

-Give post a title

-Click hidden

-If ever you need to navigate, you may need to get to a screen where it says “images”. You can do this by Clicking on “the green balloon with a S in the middle”, or click on your “username if present”, or click on “green box with + new post”. ***

-Click images (if that isn’t already an option, read above) you’ll get a drop down box

-In the drop down box, Click all images

-Click on the proper album you just named above

-Choices for you to select will appear

-Click, View image info “ Upper right choice”

-Click, Generate image links

-Select all images to be pasted on your CMP thread.

-Click done

-Green highlighted links will appear

-At the top of the window, Click link (email and IM)

-From the drop down box, Click BBCode (message boards)

-Click “original image” tab

-From the drop down , click, Select large thumbnail (I’ll post a photo to show size at the end)

-Move cursor to the middle of the green area, now Right click in the green area

-Click COPY

-Go to forum (CMP, AR15, ect) and right click where images are to go (usually below your text)

-Click PASTE

-Preview post, if images appear, you are good to go.

-Click, submit new thread

*** There may come a time when you need to get back to your album, maybe to rearrange the order in which the photos will appear, Usually this can be done by clicking on your username and selecting “posts”. This will show your posts or albums, pick the one you want to deal with and go from there.
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