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Old 05-06-2021, 11:03 PM
soshuman soshuman is offline
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My guess is that it was bid on and eventually bought by collectors who aren't aware of values, or more specifically what it cost to purchase versus what they go for at retail or online auction. For example, we all know what an M1 Rifle cost at CMP, but have you looked at what people are paying for them elsewhere? Why pay that much when you can go to CMP (in store or online) and get them cheaper. Which one is the "value"?

OR... it could be something more prominent, like the M1911A1 in Gunbroker that is claimed to be carried by the Commanding Officer who handed the flag to be raised on Iwo Jima. The seller says it was collected up, went back into inventory, and eventually after years of service, ended up with a Veteran's org, where he acquired it to sell on gunbroker.
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Old 05-07-2021, 09:44 AM
bigwagon bigwagon is offline
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Could be original finish, but it's in the transition range where there were still some blued pistols being shipped, and the pronounced temper line is a red flag. They are often most visible on refinished pistols. Not a gun I'd be comfortable bidding that high on based only on photos.
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