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Old 06-18-2022, 04:14 PM
ZvenoMan ZvenoMan is offline
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I'm pretty sure Mr. Thompson doesn't make the slings he sells. But here's a thread all about them, how to order them and a few hundred reviews.

Here's my take:
An original 1907 is great to have, but collectable, expensive, and a poor idea for use (they are by nature, old). If they break (a high probability given the age) they loose their vale and you have a (presumably collectible) rifle hitting the ground.
Most people who "use" 1907s use a preproduction or new made sling.
There are ones to avoid (sold by big box sporting goods stores and ebay for $15-$40.00, Uncle Mikes is one brand) that are best avoided.
There are high end slings (Turner, Les Tam, Ron Brown, etc) that are worth what you pay, they are great for shooting and of course competition.

In the middle range are same of the high quality "repro" slings. They are avasilble form many sellers, and ebay of course. Those sold by Mr. Thompson are that; they are moderately priced, more that strong enough for the typical shooter (I use mine in competitions, they work 100%, just won't last as long as the $100 slings before they start to stretch; none of mine have but I am not a regular competitor), and can be had with various markings and hardware to best fit what rifle they are going on.
I have purchased slings many times from Mr. Thompson and am another happy customer.
My last few purchases have been his "he picks any 2 for a good price"; I can't select the hardware and markings for that price. They are all the same quality and all my 1907-applicable rifles (from rimfire trainers to Garands and 1903s) wear his slings.
My M1A and AR Service Rifles alternate between Mr. Thompson's 1907s, M1 Web and Turner Biothane 1907 slings.

Worst case if you somehow don't like Mr. Thompsons (or one of the others in that price and quality range) you will still have a perfectly useable 1907 for another rifle or as a spare that you MUST have if shooting matches :-)

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Old 06-22-2022, 08:01 PM
MajorD MajorD is offline
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Location: Arizona
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From time to time you can find the original USGI 1907’s also
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Old 06-23-2022, 12:01 AM
Calif-Steve Calif-Steve is online now
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I really like Turner Slings. But I have an active order with them that is slowly getting up to one year, now. I have ordered three slings from Jim Thompson and will have a good look/feel of his products very soon. Hope Jim's slings are as good as advertised. I will post my opinions.
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Old 06-23-2022, 09:37 PM
jimthompson502002 jimthompson502002 is offline
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You have three "in the hopper", two premiums and a standard grade MILSCO, which you should have about 6-24. The premiums are sturdier. But the MILSCO 1942 is also quite nice and well-finished.
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Old 06-24-2022, 05:33 AM
snowbound snowbound is offline
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Location: Pace FL
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My GB H&R 65 just arrived with a nice condition "AL Freeland" sling. Were these considered premium.
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Old 06-26-2022, 11:40 PM
Calif-Steve Calif-Steve is online now
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: California
Posts: 2,721

Just a few comments about Jim Thompson slings. I now have 2 slings from Jim. One is a "Premium" sling and the other is a "Standard" sling. Both are quite nice. The Premium sling is for shooters and should make me happy. I am very nearly a year waiting on Turner Slings and don't know what to make of the situation. But if you need a decent sling now, try Jim, good luck.
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