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Old 06-08-2021, 10:23 PM
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Default Jim Owens (sling) vs Creedmoor & White Oak ?

I'm trying out sling configurations and have tried the simple canvas web sling and have tried the Jim Owens no-pulse configuration using biothane. (I tried canvas because Konrad Powers said the cool kids were doing it) Regardless, is there something going on between WOA and Jim Owens? Or Midway and Jim? They both say the no-pulse isn't worth it and to throw it away....and in not very pleasant ways. I'm wondering why they're being so adamant about kicking Jim and the sling config to the curb. It's kinda weird. In a sling vid, of the Jim Owens sling, Larry says "...I can't recommend it" but then goes on to show off the no-pulse match slings. (Huh?)

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